Analytics powers everything we do.

  • Audience Discovery
  • Digital Landscape Assessment
  • Social Listening & Reporting
  • Predictive Strategy
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Traditional Research
  • Trend Identification and Monitoring
  • Customer Insight Mapping

Great questions deserve data-driven answers:

  • How do I engage new audiences across different media channels?
  • How can I assess my company’s current perception across multiple stakeholders?
  • How do I detect emerging trends before they take off… or possibly hurt my business?
  • How do I maximize exposure for my launch?
  • Can we measure our live events differently?
  • How can I impact patient compliance?

"When you follow the right data, marcomms strategies are obvious. That allows us to focus on flawless execution instead of endless conversation and second-guessing about what’s going to work."

Seth Duncan

Chief Analytics Officer

Healthcare's only Audience Architecture platform

We want to know how an audience speaks, learns, and shares, so we built a proprietary analytics platform that maps the digital footprint of 750,000+ health ecosystem profiles, including physicians, healthcare advocates, and hospitals.

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Analytics Work

A deep competitive analysis helped Visa understand its upcoming opportunities and threats.

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Promoting a blockbuster movie is a big deal, so our paid social campaign was A/B tested against Universal's current one. We slayed it.

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Set a new brand record for Crystal Geyser's new tea, thanks to our influencer-based launch.

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Recent Analytics Awards

“Cool Kids” by Benzac/Galderma
Marketing to Youth (Finalist)
Holmes Report US SABRE Awards
Tejava's “Nothing Can Be Perfect”
Best Use of Data & Analytics (Finalist)
Echo DxMA (Digital Marketing International Awards)