Analytics powers everything we do.

  • Audience Discovery
  • Digital Landscape Assessment
  • Social Listening & Reporting
  • Predictive Strategy
  • Influencer Analysis
  • Traditional Research
  • Trend Identification and Monitoring
  • Customer Insight Mapping

Great questions deserve data-driven answers:

  • How do I engage new audiences across different media channels?
  • How can I assess my company’s current perception across multiple stakeholders?
  • How do I detect emerging trends before they take off… or possibly hurt my business?
  • How do I maximize exposure for my launch?
  • Can we measure our live events differently?
  • How can I impact patient compliance?

W2O Group Analytics Research Featured at ESOMAR Congress

There's proof for social data to be utilized to impact forecasting models, and we showed how our digital predictive analytics is shaking up market research. We were honored to be invited to present at ESOMAR, the premiere data, research and insights association.

Recent Analytics Awards

"Cool Kids" by Benzac/Galderma
Marketing to Youth (Finalist)
Holmes Report US SABRE Awards
Tejava's "Nothing Can Be Perfect"
Best Use of Data & Analytics (Finalist)
Echo DxMA (Digital Marketing International Awards)

"When you follow the right data, marcomms strategies are obvious. That allows us to focus on flawless execution instead of endless conversation and second-guessing about what’s going to work."

Seth Duncan

Chief Analytics Officer

Healthcare's only Audience Architecture platform

We want to know how an audience speaks, learns, and shares, so we built a proprietary analytics platform that maps the digital footprint of 750,000+ health ecosystem profiles, including physicians, healthcare advocates, and hospitals.

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Analytics Work

A deep competitive analysis helped Visa understand its upcoming opportunities and threats.

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Promoting a blockbuster movie is a big deal, so our paid social campaign was A/B tested against Universal's current one. We slayed it.

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Set a new brand record for Crystal Geyser's new tea, thanks to our influencer-based launch.

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