W2O is at the forefront of an historic change in global healthcare. Our clients are prioritizing collaboration, data and technology, enabling a true networking of care. In this demanding, data-rich environment, highly regulated health organizations can only break new ground by simplifying their models, taking a measured approach to change and letting data lead the way. W2O is doing just that for the healthcare industry, from the biggest companies in the world to startups.

Unlocking this new model uncovers opportunities for streamlined, cost-efficient, results-driven marketing. Our health staff is comprised of holistic business solution innovators. We bring the best talent together from all areas of the health industry—physicians and PhDs, researchers and analysts, writers and designers, strategists and engineers, journalists and media buyers, among many other experienced health experts.

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MDigitalLife is W2O's healthcare-focused analytics and consultancy team, and it provides some of the best healthcare insights in the world. Its proprietary analytics tool maps the digital footprint of 700,000+ health ecosystem profiles, including physicians, healthcare advocates and hospitals. Our MDigitalLife team reveals how physicians around the world are using digital and social media to improve the health of their patients, the success of their practice, and to regain their voice as a critical player in the health system.

We have also developed a therapeutic area-based map, which includes hundreds of conditions in dozens of different medical specialties, which clarifies not only the dialogue occurring in these groups but also the sheer breadth of the entities participating in the conversation.