For a large part of our society, people’s daily lives are focused on themselves. There is nothing wrong with this. But this is the nature of most 9-5 jobs. They are nothing more than a way for an individual to acquire means to survive. To be able to help other people is sanctified to the rare and few.

Here at W2O Group, we are given that rare opportunity to work on projects that provide value to humans.

Now the beauty of this statement is in the fact that it’s near impossible to dispute. The basics of healthcare technology is to improve and care for human lives, so that people can live longer and healthier. Could you ask for a more meaningful mission statement, that encompasses what it means to help others?

A few weeks ago, I went for a walk with Mike Nelson, who is a Managing Director within W2O Group. He explained to me the importance of understanding the bigger picture, and how our roles as individuals and as a company fits into that:

“The way I view our work here is sort of like the bridge between science and society. We help communicate the value that science brings to people.”

Understanding this higher-level idea is so essential to creating enthusiasm on a Sunday night before the work week ahead. Furthermore, the opportunity here at W2O is illuminated when coupled with this much larger perspective. The drugs and therapies we help bring to market are saving lives and helping people across the developed world.

But the kicker is that these solutions are not just for Americans or Europeans or even the Japanese. They are for human healthcare problems that have never been adequately solved before; and as the rest of the world is developing, these solutions will benefit our entire species for decades to come.

We are helping biotech and pharma companies pioneer treatments by driving exposure to the very people and organizations that these companies wish to serve. We are helping share their unique scientific advancement in a way that is understandable. We are using robust analytics, creative strategy and cross-disciplinary collaboration to ensure that these transformative solutions are broadcasted, shared and ultimately applied to humans.

The harder we work, the more lives will be saved, not just now, but always.

Our mission is so much more than helping a company with a press release, connect to a certain media outlet or prepare for a news interview. We are trailblazers. We play an integral role in pushing forward how discovered scientific solutions get displayed to the world, so that our clients, can forever benefit our species.