Last week in Philadelphia – against the backdrop of Independence Hall and the legacy of Rocky Balboa (for anyone who hasn’t see the Rocky movies, the premise is a blue-collar guy from the streets of Philadelphia fights the odds to become a heavyweight champion boxer) – we held our fourth BUILD. meeting.

BUILD. has become our annual immersion in connecting different parts of the business to our growth strategy with the goal of accelerating integration, strengthening client service, and increasing agility in a complex, distracted world.   It begins with each and every one of us dedicated to the spirit and opportunity of relentless pursuit on behalf of our clients and ourselves to win in the marketplace.

At BUILD. 2017, we had our biggest attendance yet reflecting W2O’s growth and the resulting expectations before us. The meeting featured approx. 70 presentations regarding our capabilities, client cases, new and innovative services, marketplace and business insights, and discussions on integration, account management, and financial acumen.

Over the next several weeks, you will be seeing and experiencing various parts of BUILD. 2017 through your manager, OpCo president, or Practice leader.

The purpose of this effort is so that you can BUILD. Yours!

BUILD. Yours! is all about taking ownership of your responsibilities and our future.

We are a different firm. New people. Familiar people but new roles. Different skills emerging. Different capabilities.

We’re different because the world is different. Socially, politically, technically, consciously.

Business is different. Our clients are different.

Relevance dominates the marketplace. Digital is a lifestyle.

Customers and employees are in control.

Evolution has been a sort of mantra for me the last several years. We are evolving. Two years ago I likened our journey to that of a teenager becoming a young adult. Everything you thought about yourself and the world around you was a new experience and reality.

Like Rocky, who in the first movie was just seeking an identity…to Rocky II, when he won the championship achieving relevance.

It didn’t come easy.

Hard work. Attention to detail. Being honest about weaknesses and working to improve them. Remaining humble.

We ceased being a traditional PR/Communications firm years ago with our analytics-led approach and by virtue of how we think. We’ve moved quickly over the last 18 months to dimensionalize our offerings in digital, creative, marketing, and strategy with communications at the core.

Now it’s about integration and solutions to give our clients an Unfair Advantage.

I’m proud of what began in my condo some 16 years ago. A young entrepreneur in a yellow robe with a small group of dedicated people intent on being the “BEST” for our clients to where we sit right here, right now. It happened through a relentless pursuit of “what’s next”. A fearless approach to learning new things regardless of failure.

And an unwavering focus on client satisfaction.

The future is fraught with uncertainty as technology is never ending.  But we must be willing to embrace the changes necessary to secure our future. We must savor the journey.

We Can Do This…

Go. Ahead. BUILD. Yours!