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Why Polling Will Change for the Better

By Bob Pearson | Nov 11, 2016

We have seen many elections and referendums get it wrong in the last 18 months, whether it was the Brexit vote or this week’s U.S. Presidential election.   We are all wondering why. There is a good reason why these polls are inaccurate and an even better reason to be optimistic about the future of polling. […]

Audience-Based Analytics Will Disrupt Tech PR

By Rob Cronin | Nov 10, 2016

This article originally was published on O’Dwyer’s PR. More times than we can recall, we’ve counseled clients on earned media strategy (e.g., which reporter and outlet should be approached with “the story” and why). As sound as we believe our counsel has been over the years, it was based largely on previous experience and relationships. And […]

California’s Prop 61: What You Need to Know

By Gary Karr | Nov 07, 2016

California voters will decide tomorrow the fate of a drug price control initiative, ending a contentious and expensive campaign that, according to the latest poll, has the state evenly split. At issue is whether to require that pharmaceutical prices for state programs such as Medi-Cal and the state’s prison system be the same as what […]

Hey, Chicago, What Do You Say? Social Listening During the 2016 World Series

By Maya Ollie | Nov 03, 2016

It is not news that social media has changed every arena and industry since its genesis, from social justice movements to healthcare to television; the sport’s world is no exception. Social media, specifically Twitter, has transformed how fans and foes communicate with one another and with their teams. The social media giant essentially serves as […]

The Art of Analytics: Evolving Your Team

By W2O Group | Oct 13, 2016

For the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring the complexities of using analytics to answer strategic business questions. In an evolving digital environment where an abundance of data can actually complicate things, rather than clarify them, we’ve given you a look at how W2O Group approaches honing the right tools, skills and thinking to cut […]

The Art of Analytics: Deciphering Behaviors

By W2O Group | Oct 04, 2016

In last week’s Art of Analytics post we talked about how an increase in data is not necessarily leading to an influx in useful information for businesses. This week we invite you to take a closer look into W2O Group’s use of analytics and what we can’t wait to offer clients soon.  Deciphering Behaviors What […]

The Art of Analytics: Data (Alone) is Not the Answer

By W2O Group | Sep 29, 2016

How is it that data can generate different answers to the same strategic business question? How can we be confident in the findings we gather and insights we glean if there can be such variation in the outcomes? Isn’t the beauty of data its objectivity? Assorted business analytics have become both the cornerstone and the […]

What 1,300 Stories About Drug Pricing Tells Us

By Brian Reid | Sep 29, 2016

A little more than a year ago, my colleagues and I started tracking media mentions of drug pricing issues. We assumed it would be an important but relatively laid-back endeavor. Discussions about the cost-savings of hepatitis C drugs was still ongoing, and cancer conferences were putting a spotlight on oncology prices. Then, on Sept. 18, […]

What Segmentation Can Tell Us About Men in the UK

By Lucas Galan | Sep 26, 2016

We’ve recently had the pleasure of collaborating with on a segmentation project geared toward better understanding men. Joe launched in 2015 and already is one of the biggest premium male-focused publishers in the UK. With an array of mottos like “for men, not lads” and “the voice of British men,” the website focuses on […]