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Five New Rules for Designing Corporate Communications in a Digital Age

By Gary Grates | Aug 04, 2017

Creating Value and Relevance in a Time of New Relationships and Possibilities As a function, Corporate Communications has always played a vital role in influencing and maintaining organizational health – reputation, culture, employee engagement, strategy deployment, business narrative, market entry, leadership alignment, product and mission efficacy and of course, trust.  Under a decades-old construct designed to deliver stakeholder insights, media: […]

Why Confusion — Not Clarity — Signals Change

By Gary Grates | Jul 25, 2017

How Organizations Can Successfully Evolve Through Intentional Ambiguity As more and more industries and organizations find themselves being disrupted by technology, the need to change business models, strategies, skill sets, processes and mindset becomes more and more critical to success, if not survival. For the past two decades, change management approaches and techniques have involved a flurry of cookie-cutter check-lists: […]

Seeing Beyond the Horizon: The Art of Internal Communications in 2017

By Abigail Rethore | May 23, 2017

With all the talk today around analytics and data, internal communicators are rightly focused on bringing a sense of discipline and accuracy to their work.  However, along with the rigor data intelligence provides, dealing with human behavior involves an artist’s touch. To that end, our corporate strategy team recently sat down with Internal Communication leaders from several global manufacturing companies: […]

3 Lessons from Elementary School (Last Week)

By Matt Noe | May 11, 2017

I recently had the pleasure of spending the entire day serving as a WATCH D.O.G.S. dad at my kid’s elementary school. With my oldest about to head into middle school, it’s now or never. WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students)  allow dads like me to work right along-side the educators as they read and work on assignments with students, play at: […]

Common Sense for the C-Suite: Insights on Connecting with a Digital Workforce

By Gary Grates | Apr 17, 2017

For those of us who strive to ensure organizations work in the most optimal way through greater trust, engagement and performance, we are experiencing what may well turn out to be a watershed moment in terms of maturation and achievement. Personally, being involved in organizational excellence for well over 25 years—counseling, teaching, leading, learning—my journey continues to be one of: […]

Digital Changes Everything: Insights on Connecting with Today’s New Workforce (Part 2)

By Gary Grates | Mar 29, 2017

This the second part of two-part series on the state of organizational communications in a digital age focusing the new workforce As we probe deeper, there is much to consider as we look to complete the intricate communications and engagement puzzle that creates a picture of organizational excellence. Social media is a facet of digital communication encouraging community and networks: […]

The FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2017: Four Lessons For Your Organization

By Gary Grates | Mar 24, 2017

Since it was first published in 1998, the FORTUNE Best Places to Work list causes executives from around the globe to measure and mirror policies and programs in an attempt to replicate the “secret sauce” that results from such recognition: trust and admiration from employees. In reading the 2017 report and the individual company vignettes, one is both amazed and awash in the progressive thinking (Salesforce’s gender-pay: […]

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

By Robert Grupp | Mar 22, 2017

Never was a truer sentence spoken. The world changes whether we like it or not, and for many of us, unless we have to change, we don’t. Most people are only too aware of what they don’t know, and the last thing they need is for you to rub it in. Bob Pearson points to the conundrum in his book: […]

Off the Heels of SXSW: Here’s What’s Next for Organizational Management

By Abigail Rethore | Mar 15, 2017

Last week 33 of the best and brightest digital marketers and communicators participated in our 7th Annual PreCommerce Summit to discuss “What’s Next” in business, marketing and communications. We heard Bayer’s Ray Kerins talk about partnerships (beyond logos) and U.S. Department of State Haroon Ullah and Stratfor’s Reva Goujon debunk myths about extremism. And, my favorite, we heard Judith Williams: […]