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Marching for the Science that Impacts Our Every Day

By Kelly France Boothe, PhD | Apr 28, 2017

On April 20, hundreds of thousands of scientists and science-enthusiasts turned out around the country to march in celebration of science and to demonstrate support for science-based policies in our government. I proudly was one of those who marched. I left the lab over six years ago to become a communicator of science rather than […]

Marketing Materials: 2017 Healthcare Holidays Calendar

By Corina Kellam | Apr 16, 2017

You’d be hard pressed to find a marketing and communications network with broader expertise in healthcare than W2O Group. And as a content strategist at W2O, I fully appreciate the regulatory challenges of healthcare marketing. It’s tough, and we get it. You often can’t mention the drug by name. Or the indication. So we have to […]

5 Ways Communications Can Amp Your Participation in the March for Science

By Brian Reid | Apr 16, 2017

On April 22, scientists of all stripes will march in Washington, DC and at least 395 other cities in the United States and beyond to support “robustly funded and publicly communicated science.” Many of our W2O Group colleagues plan to take part, raising visibility and bringing attention to an extensive list of pro-science causes. Those […]

One Every 20 Minutes: Getting to Zero

By Emily Poe | Apr 12, 2017

A cure for cancer has been the most fervent prayer for far too many patients and their families since cancer was identified as a deadly foe many centuries ago. It remains a holy grail of modern medicine, and researchers and physicians around the world are working day and night to conquer it. But are we […]

Finding My Stress Sweet Spot

By Meredith Kiernan | Apr 06, 2017

It’s 8:00 pm on a Wednesday night at a Silicon Valley law firm. 70 accomplished medtech executives sit in a conference room, doing meditative deep breathing, with their eyes closed. Wait, what? Strange scene? Yes. Did this actually happen? Yes – at MedtechWomen Bay Area’s March event “The Impact of Chronic Stress on Women’s Health,” […]

What Role Does Communications Play in Combating Opioid Abuse? (Hint: A Big One)

By Jenny Laurello | Mar 27, 2017

The last thing a patient expects after being prescribed a legitimate 10-day supply of prescription opioids is to become addicted to them. But as data in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recent Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) shows, that 10-day supply quickly turns one in five people into long-term users. The […]

We Won’t Have an End to Cancer

By Eileen O'Brien | Mar 23, 2017

“We won’t have a world without cancer, but a world where we have rapid detection and eradication,” according to Jeff Hammerbacher, Hammer Labs. After attending a number of health sessions at South by Southwest in the past week, two key themes emerged around the devastating topic of cancer. Behavioral changes are the future “Up to […]

10 Content Ideas for Health Advocacy Bloggers

By Missy Voronyak | Mar 02, 2017

This year will mark my tenth year of blogging. What started as an online journal to share personal stories and photos of my children quickly, and surprisingly, evolved into a powerful platform for education. After my youngest child was diagnosed with multiple, life threatening food allergies, I began sharing how we managed the food allergy […]

Personal Branding and How to Differentiate Yourself in the Workplace: 10 Key Takeaways from the MedtechWomen Event

By Katie Ahlstrom | Mar 01, 2017

“When it comes to building your brand, it’s simply driving the reputation you want,” said Stacy Enxing Seng. “You earn this by sharing characteristics you’re proud of.” Stacy Enxing Seng, a Venture Partner at Lighstone Ventures, is a self-proclaimed “non-expert” in personal branding but has learned from experience that a successful and fruitful career comes […]