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My W2O Group Journey Part II

By Andrew Echeguren | Feb 24, 2017

Almost exactly a year ago, I tried my hand at blogging about my transition from Intern to Account Associate here at W2O Group. Despite being onboard full-time for barely a few months and meek when it came to putting pen to paper, I enjoyed the experience. I was still very wet behind the ears last […]

Building the Most Value for Our Clients

By Bob Pearson | Feb 02, 2017

Our goal is always to provide the most value for our clients in all we do.  It starts with our team.  And this is why we are placing more emphasis in the months and years ahead on building a more diverse workforce that identifies a wider range of talent and perspective.  Diversity of people = […]

Meet Our Managing Director of Digital Media, Amy Lamparske

By Aaron Strout | Jan 26, 2017

We at W2O Group have been on a little bit bit of a hot streak lately with three new(ish) acquisitions, the appointment of our CEO, Jim Weiss, to the board of the LAGRANT Foundation and now the hiring of a rare talent, Amy Lamparske, who as a managing director will head up our PESO media efforts. Amy […]

My Holiday Reading List – People Shaping Our World

By Bob Pearson | Jan 03, 2017

Each holiday season, I spend time reading 5-6 books, often around a theme.  This year, I focused on people who are shaping our world.  Here’s a brief summary of each book and the next book(s) I plan to read to continue this learning process in 2017. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – Phil describes the […]

Meet Our New Chief Digital Officer, Adam Cossman

By Aaron Strout | Dec 06, 2016

As our clients’ needs evolve, so do we. Over the years, we’ve found that growing organically and strategically are the best way for us to keep pace. To that end, we announced back in September that we had acquired leading communications consultancy, Pure Communications.  Then last month, we shared the news that we were bringing the […]

The Paradox of Our Digital World

By Jim Weiss | Oct 11, 2016

To simply say the lines have blurred is a gross understatement. Digital has not just disrupted business and society it’s upended it to a degree that has not yet been truly comprehended. While some can argue that a digital world is really geared to the individual making his/her existence more informative, fruitful, and personal you could […]

Can Public Relations Be Taught?

By Jacquelyn Matter | Oct 03, 2016

“You were a public relations major? I didn’t know that was even a major.” Okay, I get it. How hard can it be to pitch your story to a reporter or run a few social media campaigns, right? Is it really necessary to spend four years of your life studying public relations to be good […]


By Emily Poe | Sep 30, 2016

Every career takes twists and turns. Sometimes ones you plan, sometimes ones you don’t. When I left W2O Group three years ago, I thought I knew the risks: leaving mentors who had invested in me, clients who challenged me, colleagues who had become IRL friends, and teams that I loved. Understanding risks and benefits have always […]

Summer Internship Program Recap

By Hazel Wang | Sep 28, 2016

A First-of-its Kind Internship This summer, I was given the opportunity to participate in a first-of-its-kind internship program. This unique eight-week program—organized by the W2O Group Center for Social Commerce at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School—consisted of two four-week internships, with the first month spent at W2O Group’s WCG agency based in its Minneapolis office and […]