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Highlights from W2O Group’s Movers & Shapers 2016 Event (Series) #2

By Lionel Menchaca | Mar 21, 2016

Last week I introduced the first half of our amazing speakers from our Movers & Shapers event. This is my final blog post in this series — please enjoy learning from the second half of our phenomenal speakers! Kyle Flaherty, VP, Solutions Marketing, Rapid7 Kyle used his time to talk about The New World Order and focused on the threat: […]

Highlights from W2O Group’s Movers & Shapers 2016 Event (Series) #1

By Lionel Menchaca | Mar 15, 2016

We kicked off our 2nd annual Movers & Shapers event (last year known as Geekfest) on Saturday here during SXSW. This one featured several people I’m lucky to call friends. As Bob Pearson mentioned, we chose this list of speakers because many of them are shaping the future of business in this digital age. Thanks to our clients, partners and: […]

Meet our SXW2O Speakers: Kyle Flaherty, VP Rapid7

By Aaron Strout | Mar 13, 2016

As I mentioned in my kickoff post, we are hosting a series of blog interviews pre and post SXSW with speakers from our PreCommerce Summit (March 10) and Movers & Shapers Summit (March 12). Today’s interview is with the Kyle Flaherty, VP of Solutions Marketing at security company, Rapid7. Kyle spoke yesterday on the topic why marketers are easy targets for cyber security breaches. To say: […]

Highlights from the W2O Group’s 2016 PreCommerce Summit

By Lionel Menchaca | Mar 12, 2016

Our PreCommerce Summit started off our events with a bang. Hard to believe, but 2016 marks the 6th annual version of the summit. We built it around a series of 10-minute Ted-style talks, and rounded it out with a few panel discussions and a couple of fireside chats. These discussions featured insights from executives and leadership from some of our top: […]

Austin Business & Music: Loud, Proud, and a Little Weird | Our SXW2O Spotify Playlist: 2016 Edition

By Colin Foster | Mar 12, 2016

Austin means music, tacos, and innovative new ideas (AKA “weird”), and our SXW2O events definitely incorporate all of these. But when it comes to great local music in particular, our Austin office employees are passionate fans. To make the perfect local playlist, we asked these local music experts to curate their favorite tracks from Austin artists. Check out the Geekaque: […]

Top Picks for SXSW 2016 — Health and MedTech Panels

By Colin Foster | Mar 11, 2016

On the annual springtime migration to Austin, our clients, partners and friends—without fail—take one look at the super packed SXSW Interactive schedule, get excited, get overwhelmed and then proceed to have nasty flashbacks to first year course selection at university. Well, with deep gratitude to my esteemed colleagues Kristen Grant and Melissa O’Hara for their SXSW sleuthing skills, we’ve tried to take: […]

Hugh Forrest Discusses SXSW’s Past, Present and Future with John Battelle

By Lionel Menchaca | Mar 11, 2016

Out of all the great speakers that took part in W2O Group’s 2016, PreCommerce Summit, the fireside chat between Hugh Forrest, director of SXSW Interactive Festival and NewCo CEO John Battelle was one that I personally was most excited to hear about. Though it’s huge now, it didn’t start that way. Beginning a few years ago, it surpassed the music: […]

Meet our SXW2O Speakers: Julie Borlaug, Associate Director, Borlaug Institute

By Aaron Strout | Mar 09, 2016

As I mentioned in my kickoff post, we will host a series of blog interviews over the next two weeks with speakers from our upcoming PreCommerce Summit (March 10) and Movers & Shapers Summit (March 12). Today’s interview is with the Associate Director of the Borlaug Institute, Julie Borlaug. Julie will be part of a panel called “Future of…” at our PreCommerce Summit on Thursday, March: […]

Austin Entrepreneurs – Featuring Bryan and Amelia Thomas, founders of PopUp Play

By Bob Pearson | Mar 08, 2016

It’s SXSW Eve, so we thought we would feature one of Austin’s up and coming entrepreneurial couples this evening.  Bryan and Amelia Thomas decided to blend virtual world creativity and real world play to found a company called PopUp Play.  If you ever buy presents for kids, you’ll be interested in this company. Here’s a brief Q&A between myself and: […]