Connecting thought leaders

We believe in the power of collaboration, which is why we invite the smartest in the industry to share what they find valuable at our events, by contributing to our books, and in interviews via our blog and podcast.

Lorie Fiber

Global Corporate Communications Leader, IBM Watson Health

Connected through SXW2O 2017

Ray Kerins

VP, Head of Communications of Government Relations & Policy, Bayer

Connected through SXW2O 2017

John Battelle

Founder, Chair & CEO of NewCo

Connected through What2Know Podcast 2017 & SXW2O 2016

Lisa Suennen

Senior Managing Director of Health Investments, GE Ventures

Connected through W2O’s VIP Luncheon at JP Morgan 2017

Brian Solis

Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group

Connected through SXW2O 2016 & 2017