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Game of Thrones Season 3: A Social Recap

By Natalie DeNike | Jun 07, 2013

For Game of Thrones fans, last Sunday was a killer night of television. We all know that George R.R. Martin is a fan of knocking off our favorite characters, but for many of us the ‘Red Wedding’ still came as a gut wrenching shock. Puns aside, the episode was a game changer for the rest of the series and will undoubtedly change the GoT story line. That night and the next day the internet was filled with spoiler alerts and reviews of the unforgettable episode. As a fan of the show, I wanted to find out more about the online conversation and what exactly other fans had to say. I put together the infographic below that examines conversation volume by characters and family houses, in addition to tracking conversation trends and sentiment around the ‘Rains of Castamere’ episode a.k.a. “The Red Wedding.” While we can’t bring the Starks back, we can at least find some solace in the fact that they will live on in the social conversation.

Game of Thrones analysis conducted via Sysomos MAP, March 31 – June 5. Channels analyzed: Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Mainstream News.

Click here to download the full infographic:

  • I dont know how nobody commented on this post?!?! It’s the pinnacle of awesomeness!

    • Natalie DeNike

      Thanks Arnold! I had fun pulling this post together. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Kyle Jenke

    Great analysis. Thanks for posting. Surprised there’s not more posting on Theon’s torture…. Haven’t had to cover my eyes during a tv show since I was 6 year old until now….

    • Natalie DeNike

      Thanks Kyle. I was also surprised not to see more chatter there. I’d be interested to look again next season as Theon’s story progresses. Cringe worthy scenes indeed!

  • Arthur Brave

    Interesting analysis in deed. I’m surprised for the popularity of house Frey, and i’m also surprised for the lack of comments.