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Getting back to basics with BrewLife

By brewlife | Jan 05, 2013


Welcome to BrewLife! Wait, does this company have anything to do with the beverage industry?

No, not at all. We’re an integrated marketing and communications firm that’s new in a sense, being reborn out of a successful company started 11 years ago. 

When Jim Weiss started WeissComm Partners in 2001 and Paulo Simas and Tom Haan started ODA around the same time, they were the guys who had domain expertise few others could match in the life sciences industry. They hired other experts, which led to a competitive advantage for their firms and a growing roster of exciting entrepreneurial clients. The teams they built put their hearts and souls into being the best in the business for their clients which is why, when they joined forces in 2009, they succeeded and grew into a global network of independent communications companies called W2O Group consisting of WCG, Twist Marketing, NextWorks, W2O Digital, W2O Ventures and now BrewLife.

So why BrewLife?

As W2O Group grew over the years to meet the evolving needs of an increasingly diverse and larger client base, we also recognized the need to tailor an approach and services for the type of clients that got us here – clients with game-changing technology and offerings, entrepreneurial spirits and appreciation for the value of strong brand and corporate communications in creating competitive advantage, differentiation and share of voice in a crowded marketplace. We have been at this for more than a decade and we believe relevant experience matters to our clients. 

Nearly a dozen of us within WCG who have been involved in entrepreneurial ventures both on the agency and the corporate side in different industries decided to create a new firm with an approach similar to the one that made WeissComm Partners and ODA successful. As current clients grow with us and we support new clients, we expect to be well over a dozen people by the end of 2013. Whether it is an emerging company coming out of stealth mode that needs to raise money or launch a product, or a company that wants to re-emerge and rebrand, our firm can be of great value. As clients mature and their needs change, we can adapt with them and provide access to the global diversified resources of the independent W2O network of companies.

One thing I can promise, we live the passion of storytelling infused with the science of telling the story. Our goal is to bring brands to life by infusing them with a provocative voice that is distinct, compelling and above all authentic.

We are excited to be moving into our new offices with an entrepreneurial culture of hard work, passion, creativity and business savvy that’s shared by our colleagues at other W2O Group companies. We have the scars to prove our ‘been there, done that’ experience. And we will apply the lessons learned to shape the next generation of stories for clients who need to establish their positioning and communicate their value, particularly at earlier stages of their development. We’ll do it through strategic consulting, creative and identity design, advertising, digital development and public, advocacy and investor relations, all informed and measured by data analytics.

 At BrewLife, we can’t wait to get into your story!