6 Core Values Color Our Culture

Our Culture

Openness and honesty at all levels of the organization keep us nimble, allowing us to take risks and innovate together. Leadership promotes an atmosphere in which respectful dissent is encouraged in order to create the best solutions and the best work environment. The entrepreneurial spirit of the organization can be seen in all office locations and permeates everything we do. Our focus on collaboration allows us to rely on our work, trusting that clients will be drawn to our approach and attitude. Brainstorms often include people from a cross-section of backgrounds and titles, and creativity is an expected attribute of everyone within the agency.

In Our Words

I work alongside the best and the smartest in the business. I am challenged every day by these people who I not only call my colleagues, but my friends.

Brooke Shenkin

Account Director

My second day with W2O (straight out of college), I sat in on a meeting with a Fortune 15 tech company. I eventually became a day-to-day account manager for them and got to lead a major stakeholder meeting. The exposure I’ve gotten is incredible.

Chris Nardone

Account Manager

W2O allows me the flexibility to combine my love of travel with work. I’ve worked in both the NY & London offices and have my sights on Singapore & Switzerland or maybe Austin!

Sam Hurren

Managing Director

If you are willing to push yourself to an elevated level and be a team player, then W2O is the place to be. This company will take what you bring to the table and help cultivate your experience and make it 10x better.

Ingrid Caldwell

Executive Assistant

Everyone here is tremendously driven and passionate about making a difference. We can be wacky, intensely focused when needed, but always know how to have a great party.

Howie Chan

Director, Marketing

Coming to W2O Group six years ago was the best career move I’ve made! I work with the smartest, most strategic, genuine people in the business and for clients who are paving the way for a better tomorrow.

Nadia Hasan

Account Director

"My W2O Group Journey Part II"

Andrew Echeguren

Despite that fact, I come to work each morning energized knowing that I have the opportunity to contribute in a variety of ways...

“The 7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Entrepreneurial Employees”

Jim Weiss

As we constantly design W2O Group as a firm of the future, I’ve made it my personal quest to find and nurture these trait…

"My Fellowship Experience"

Dianique Ashley

W2O Group’s Future Leaders in Healthcare Fellowship, created in partnership with The LAGRANT Foundation, has given me the necessary exposure to know what it’s like to work within an agency.

Our Values

There are 6 core values we hold dear. Because, let’s face it, in the world of advertising, you need to know where you stand. We realized early on that these values mean a whole lot to all of us.







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