Kevin Johnson

President, Marketeching

W2O Group acquired Marketeching in November 2016, adding to its healthcare expertise and strengthening its analytics to include more qualitative approaches with W2O’s more quantitative analytics, which serves as the perfect complement to W2O’s increasingly expansive MDigitalLife platform.  Kevin remains the President of Marketeching.

Kevin founded Marketeching in 2008 with the goal of helping healthcare companies understand how their key stakeholders engage on social media and in key communities.  Marketeching’s initial focus was on providing clients with a platform to view and analyze engagements in real time, but Kevin pivoted the company in 2010 based on client feedback and foreseeing trends in the social analytics market that showed social media monitoring platforms becoming commoditized and only being a piece of the puzzle in understanding customer engagement on social media. Kevin believed the real value would be in the ability to analyze those engagements with a more hands-on approach.

Under Kevin’s leadership, Marketeching grew to a 20-person research and analytics firm with a specialization in analyzing social data with unique qualitative approaches. Today, Marketeching is a trusted partner in social media research and analytics for a variety of healthcare companies and clients, working with marketers, market researchers, digital strategies, and public affairs.

Kevin received his degree in Marketing from The Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. He resides in New Hope, PA with his wife Caitlin and identical twin boys, Brayden and Parker.