Millennials Unplugged: What “InteGREATness” Means to Us

Earlier this year, our CEO, Jim Weiss, paved the way for the future of W2O Group with the concept of “InteGREATness”. In theory, the Committee of Millennials (COM) has had this in practice since its first meeting in 2013. With over 60 interns, associates and managers across the New York, Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis offices, COM offers a space for millennials at W2O Group to educate, collaborate and innovate as we continue to develop our careers. This past month, we challenged the committee to think about how we are already “InteGREATing,” and what more we can be doing to truly “InteGREAT.”InteGREAT

What we’re already doing…

  • Engage-alytics: Engage-alytics is the crossover and collaboration between our analytics and engagement divisions. Using the data mining, insights and influencers identified by the analytics team, the engagement team is able to better serve the client. Additionally, the engagement team is able to consult about end results and best practices with influencers, which better informs the original analytics output.

Where we can improve…

  • It’s never too early or too late to “InteGREAT”: Whether you are kicking off 2017 planning or in the middle of executing one of many 2016 tactics, it is never too early or too late to bring in an outside expert to lend a new point of view and to contribute to the overall strategy. Ultimately, we should look to involve a team with diverse expertise early to maximize the ideation, counsel and services that we can provide.

As we look towards the end of 2016 and the future of W2O Group, we are excited to see how we can continue to put “InteGREATness” into practice as millennials and company-wide.

Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy