You might ask yourself, how much of an impact can a company that’s been around since the late 1800’s who makes everything from cars to heating and cooling units be? Well, more than many of their peers actually. In fact, the social media team at Mitsubishi Electric supporting their cooling and heating products are running some pretty innovative programs these days. And while Colleen Hartman and Gabe Weiss are clients (WCG has worked with to build and launch a media dashboard), it’s hard not to be impressed with some of the ways they are tapping into the power of social media. In particular, the Cooling & Heating team led by Colleen and Gabe are kicking off a summer campaign today (5/28) that includes and innovative component using the new six second video social network called Vine.

As you can see from the interview that Colleen and I did over the weekend, we’re pretty sure this use of Vine by a brand is a first.

[Aaron] Tell us about your role at Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating. [Colleen] The team behind social media for Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating is a team of two, Gabe Weiss, Engagement Technologies, and Colleen Hartman, Social Media Marketing Lead. The strategy is seven-day-a-week visual engagement that speaks to people like a person, not a brand.

[Aaron] You work for the HVAC division of Mitsubishi Electric… that seems like a tough industry to leverage social media.
[Colleen] At first glance, it doesn’t seem like something that people would want to share socially, but cooling and heating affects every home and the way families live their lives. That’s the tie to social. So whether it’s keeping cool while having #SummerFun, talking home renovations or how we can help with your child’s allergies, these all relate to your family’s comfort at home.

[Aaron] Talk about some of the innovative programs you and the team have executed.
[Colleen] We take pride in Mitsubishi Electric being a digital trailblazer with everything from our augmented reality app for our sales force to being a global beta tester for Twitter with how we use its promoted products to tracking digital analytics with our custom WCG dashboard to showcase ROI and real-time engagement.

[Aaron] Speaking of innovative, your team launched a first on Vine today — talk about this “first.”
[Colleen] Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating is proud to be, we believe, the first brand globally to use Vine as an idea generator for a Twitter Promoted Trend. @MitsubishiHVAC will have its groundbreaking Promoted Trend on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 utilizing Vine’s looping of video to create a “game” of picking one’s favorite kind of #SummerFun. These Vine videos will come from the brand with a theme of #SummerFun highlighting activities, vacation spots, music, weather and overall “cool and hot” fun.

To our knowledge, no brand has used Vine in this fashion for a Promoted Trend. It sets the stage for a new era of digital engagement and sharing.

Using #SummerFun as the Promoted Trend for 24 hours, Mitsubishi Electric expects the variety of summer-related activities in Vine videos to bring out a share-worthy summertime memory or smile in everyone. Users can tap to stop the rotating images, some serious and some funny, and see what they like best.

[Aaron] What are your goals of this campaign?
[Colleen] Memorial Day kicked off the unofficial start to summer, and Mitsubishi Electric thinks everyone can visualize a “comfortable” way to enjoy the season and discover your world. We hope to see a lot of engagement and sharing. Who can’t relate to a hot summer? And in the summer, you want to be cool and comfortable in your fun.

[Aaron] Any other fun and exciting projects coming up?
[Colleen] We will continue to expand our collection of digital data with our WCG dashboard. The invaluable data collected helps us better understand our customers and consumers and what types of advertising and marketing work best in today’s changing world. In the near future, our division will assist with some exciting things globally helping our Mitsubishi Electric counterparts. Look for changes in the coming weeks to and its use of Mass Relevance’s technology for curated content. Also expect to see more from us with Twitter Promoted Trends and more iOS app development for our sales force. We believe in using technology to sell our technology.

So keep your eyes peeled today for some of Mitsubishi Electric’s Vine tweets. And if you have a second, be sure and let Colleen and the Mitsubishi Cooling & Heating team know what you plan to do for your #SummerFun.