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Here is the view from MM&M (Medical Marketing & Media).

“W2O’s relationships have expanded in scope: The total number of AOR clients jumped from 28 to 40. Roster headliners include AbbVie, Pfizer, Merck, IBM Watson Health, and Medtronic.

‘We did what we did to evolve into the best agency choice for the healthcare CMO — and, frankly, for the CEO and chief commercial officer as well,’ said founder & CEO Jim Weiss.”


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Sean Hogan

General Manager, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences

Connected through W2O’s VIP Luncheon at JP Morgan 2017

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2018 Social Oncology Project | W2O’s Sixth Edition

See how the online behavior of providers and institutions intersect with real world metrics and what topics trended across the conversation of pricing, value and access of anti-cancer medicines.

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