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Potential Issue at Hootsuite

By Lionel Menchaca | Aug 20, 2013

Update 8/20: Earlier this evening, the Hootsuite team added social verification and IP address logging to protect accounts.  The team reiterated that Hootsuite itself had not been compromised. You can read more details here.

We’ve seen some of the recent reports and tweets about potential issues with Hootsuite for a select number of accounts. Hootsuite’s Support team is working to fix Dashboard and Login issues:

Hello all, our team is hard at work to resolve some dashboard issues, including the login process. Stay tuned for updates! — HootSuite Helpers (@HootSuite_Help) August 20, 2013

And just a few minutes ago, Hootsuite published an blog post re: how to protect your social accounts from spammers. Here’s the tweet:

Social networks are seeing more attacks than usual from spammers. Help secure your accounts by doing this:

— HootSuite (@hootsuite) August 20, 2013

We are working with clients to help them through this. For now, please follow the latest at Hootsuite_Help on Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    User security is HootSuite’s top priority and we’ve taken steps to address the recent increase in attempts by spammers to gain unauthorized access to social media accounts by exploiting password weaknesses.

    HootSuite itself has not been compromised, however, unauthorized users are attempting to login to HootSuite using user IDs and passwords acquired from other websites or networks, with minimal success.

    Learn more about the security measures HootSuite has taken:

    -Andy Au from HootSuite

    • Thanks Andy… really appreciate the update from you and the Hootsuite team. I’ll update the post with the new information.