EMD Serono

Birds & Bees: The Real Story

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EMD Serono
W2O Companies
  • Twist
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While people don’t always anticipate having problems getting pregnant, one in eight couples have fertility issues. Unfortunately, people are often embarrassed and afraid to talk about their struggles, resulting in widespread ignorance and delays getting treatment. EMD Serono asked Twist to create a program that would spur conversations, raise awareness and de-stigmatize fertility issues, so people would be encouraged to seek medical help sooner.

We Created

  • •The Birds & Bees: The Real Story campaign, is a fully integrated campaign involving  creative content, online influencers and social networks to spread the word.
  • •Centered around a humorous music video hosted on Facebook, the campaign provides education in a fun, fearless way and takes some of mystery and scariness out of fertility.
  • •The strong call to action throughout the video empowers consumers to see a specialist sooner to increase their chances of getting pregnant.


  • •Approx. 700 blog posts; 10M+ reached
  • •Nearly 32k video views (no advertising)
  • •230k unique impressions via Twitter
  • •220k engagement on Facebook
  • •Primary demographic women ages 25-39
  • •4 patient partners promoting across channels
  • •95% positive feedback from sensitive audience
While people don’t always anticipate having problems getting pregnant, one in eight couples have fertility issues.

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