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Our remit in working with General Mills was to push the entire organization forward in social media, both from a reactive (issues management) and proactive (engagement best practices) standpoint. After establishing policies, protocols and training centrally, we selected the Yoplait brand as a key opportunity to pilot the next level of consumer engagement. While many brands already had Facebook pages and other social media efforts in place, our pilot would be centered around analytics, influencers, consumer outreach and content. We led all social media efforts, partnering with existing agency teams for PR and advertising. The campaign lasted for eight months, during which time WCG expanded Yoplait¹s social media presence from just Facebook to include more than two dozen social media sites. Our team engaged with consumers on behalf of Yoplait every single day and partnered with internal resources like Consumer Relations to increase our frequency of outreach. This program was executed from start to finish based on continual analytics and insights using our industry-leading models.

Shifting from spooning and smiling to authentic engagement as new market entrants totally changed America’s relationship with yogurt.

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