On February 16th, W2O Group had the pleasure of sponsoring/speaking at the Holmes Report’s 3rd Annual In2 Summit in San Francisco. The event focused on bringing together “the industry’s most innovative minds to explore the future of influence and engagement.” [You can read our agency-wide recap here.]

At this years’ event, BrewLife was honored with the In2 SABRE Award for “Use of Social Media or Analytics for Audience Insights or Influencer Targeting” for our Tejava Tea social media campaign – an award we are extremely proud to receive.

BrewLife partnered with Crystal Geyser’s Tejava Tea last summer to help raise awareness and increase sales for their summer tour in LA. Tejava would be giving out samples at outdoor concerts and along the Santa Monica Pier, sponsoring events, and running billboard and radio ads throughout the area over a six week period. Our agency was tasked with developing a cohesive and consistent voice across all of Tejava social media platforms, which included Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


We kicked off the project the way we always like to: by tapping the W2O Analytics team to help identify Tejava’s target audience in the LA area. This was done through a SocialGraphics analysis, a proprietary analytics tool that identifies key interests and affinities, demographics, and the most important product features to our target persona. After looking at the results, we deemed our target segment the “Lifestyle Changers,” people looking to make healthier life choices – like switching from soda to Tejava’s zero-calorie, unsweetened tea. We then completed a conversation-based analysis which highlighted all of the conversations “Lifestyle Changers” were having on social media over the past year. The results allowed us to identify groups with common characteristics, which we could then target throughout the campaign. We used Tejava’s unique spin on unsweetened tea and all-natural elements to come up with the #PerfectNothing campaign, celebrating the moments of “nothing” in life. Our creative team showcased the #PerfectNothing lifestyle through candid posts showcasing the simplicity of Tejava’s unique fans’ healthy lifestyles.


For two weeks leading up to the LA tour and then six weeks throughout the tour, we posted 2-3 social posts per week. Once the campaign was underway, we tracked performance and adjusted our strategy to optimize each post. For example, analysis showed active imagery and group shots performed better so we adapted the creative to maximize on these insights. Additionally, we worked with our Analytics team to identify social influencers and place paid ads to target them specifically. Our SocialGraphics and conversation-based analysis allowed us to place ads and use social influencers that would come in contact with “Lifestyle Changers” through common page likes, conversation topics, and more. This was a great way to increase awareness as well as visibility across social channels. This award means a lot to us because it demonstrates the added value of working with BrewLife, a W2O Company. Not only do clients get the insights and intelligence of the BrewLife team, but they also get the input and analytical capabilities from our long hallway at W2O. The Tejava #PerfectNothing campaign is a great example of how collaboration across various teams allowed us to create and launch a successful (and award winning) campaign!


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This summer, BrewLife celebrated the successful completion of its first hospitality engagement with the grand opening of Hotel Zephyr, a one-of-a-kind hotel property in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. BrewLife collaborated with Zephyr’s management organization, Davidson Hotels & Resorts, for a little over a year to create this fresh, irreverent and standout hospitality brand.

BrewLife kicked off our engagement by using our proprietary social analytics to understand the interests and behaviors of both visitors to San Francisco as well as global travelers who have indicated a preference for visiting boutique hotels. Results from this analysis helped shape customer personas as well as key elements of the brand and guest experience.

Identity design came next, with our talented designers creating a playful and colorful logo for the property that both represents the hotel’s cargo ship design narrative and its centerpiece amenity, “The Yard, ” a 10,000 square foot adult playground. Your standard hotel logo this is not.

Zephyr Logo

With our baseline look and feel established, BrewLife moved on to creative campaign development. Also diverting from the usual, the property’s launch creative campaign, entitled “Twisted”, challenges preconceptions about what constitutes an upscale hotel stay through hotel scenes and characters that have surprising twists related to the Zephyr story. From a bellhop with a fishtail sticking out of a suitcase to a prim and proper maid with a raucous sailor tattoo on her arm, it’s apparent that things at Hotel Zephyr are just a bit different. The creative campaign has made an appearance on Hotel Zephyr’s website and across collateral.

In the months leading up to the hotel’s launch, BrewLife’s PR team worked to raise awareness of the property, engaging national and local travel journalists and influencers through press releases and trend pitches. At project wrap-up, our team had secured over 50 placements, including features in the digital or print editions of Travel+Leisure, The Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Business Times and Hotel Chatter. These placements garnered a cumulative 45 million media impressions.

At BrewLife we often talk about the fact that our clients outside the healthcare space provide a fertile experimentation ground that allows us to explore tactics and technologies that might be a few years away from mass adoption by our biotech, medical device and digital health clients. Hotel Zephyr has certainly been one of those projects.

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting a few BrewLife clients who were exhibiting at the American College of Gynecologists and Obstetrics (ACOG) conference, one of the largest conferences for women’s health professionals.

Acessa TMWhile at ACOG, I caught up with Halt Medical, the company behind the Acessa Procedure, a safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure that’s seeking to replace hysterectomy as the standard of care for fibroid treatment. Many women prefer to avoid hysterectomy because it’s a significant surgery with long recovery times and a track record of post-procedure complications.

BrewLife began workiAcessa1ng with Halt Medical over a year ago to ready the Acessa brand for a two-market test campaign focused on raising awareness of the procedure among women with uterine fibroids. This included developing strategic positioning and messaging, a creative campaign, a new website, and marketing collateral in both digital and print formats.

Starting at the beginning of 2015, BrewLife’s “A Woman’s Story” campaign has rolled out across a variety of marketing channels in the two markets, and despite the campaign’s young age, there has already been an uptick in the number of procedures being performed.

“A Woman’s Story” highlights the physical and emotional toll that fibroid symptoms, and the decision to seek treatment, take on women. Told through the first person, “A Women’s Story” focuses on a particular woman, her struggle living with a specific fibroid symptom and the positive impact Acessa has had on her quality of life post-treatment. The friendly and empathetic tone, colorful infographic style and use of stylish avatars instead of generic stock photography sets Acessa apart from any other campaign currently in the market in this therapeutic area.

Acessa2The campaign rollout encompassed an integrated array of tactical components including:

  • Website Development
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Patient Directed Materials
    • Print Advertisements
    • Digital Advertising
    • Social Media
    • Print Marketing Collateral
  • Physician Directed Materials
    • Print Advertising
    • Print Marketing Collateral
    • Trade Show Graphics
    • Practice Development Materials

At ACOG, I was proud to be associated with clients doing such important and innovative work in women’s health and to see our marketing materials drawing a crowd to Halt’s busy booth.

In addition, the Acessa Procedure was recently featured on The Doctors, to learn more about the procedure, click here.


One of America’s most beloved and iconic brands wanted to build and grow the fan base for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups through sustainable engagement programming across all of its social channels with a focus on the upcoming summer season. The end goal was to raise brand awareness and interact with the right consumers online to create brand advocates based on data and analytics.


Hershey’s brought on W2O Group’s WCG agency as its social media agency for Reese’s. The WCG team conducted extensive online analytics research for the brand, including a Conversation Blueprint, to learn who is talking about Reese’s, where the conversations are happening, and what is most important to the customer. This research created a framework that allowed us to develop a campaign and strategy that led to optimized reach and serious engagement.


Using the learnings from the Conversation Blueprint, the brand team was surprised to learn that more than 40% of the online brand conversation was related to recipes, unusual for a fast-moving consumer goods brand like Reese’s. The research also showed the brand’s sports-related content was better suited to Twitter. Based on this knowledge, we utilized consumer-generated recipe content, along with other insights-based content elements to nearly double the number of Facebook fans (~ 6mm to 11mm+); all without an ad spend.


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BMC Software wanted to increase its Share of Voice (SOV) at 2013 VMWorld, which had an IT Superheroes theme. Beyond that, BMC wanted to turn its brief presence at this event into a year-long boost.


W2O Group’s WCG agency created custom superheroes of key influencers at VMWorld 2013 in near real-time. They employed a combination of social listening, real-time response execution, and intricate illustrations by artists who have worked with Marvel and other top comic houses. This execution offered a strong integration between short term marketing goals and longer term PR impact. WCG executed a social content campaign which involved round the clock social listening in order to identify the best, funniest, most interesting (or just downright influential) participants at the show. Once identified, WCG paired their social posts with their public social profile/data and employed commercial comic artists to create an IT Superhero comic out of the influencer’s comment in near real-time. The illustrations were tweeted to the influencer, as well as placed in an album on BMC’s Facebook page.


BMC maximized this opportunity to connect with key influencers via social networks leading up to and during the event and enjoyed longer term PR impact, thanks to WCG. At the conclusion of VMWorld, BMC surprised and delighted 25 key influencers with custom illustrated superheroes. The results were goal-breaking retweets, influencers utilizing the images as avatars, and an overall increase in event-specific engagement with BMC by almost 400% over the previous year. Total conversation volume rose 27%, a 50% rise over 2012. BMC gained 3.4% more followers on Twitter and realized a 5.9% uptick in followers on Facebook.


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Aptus_corp_logoAptus Endosystems is a medical device company that is pioneering solutions to enhance endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR). The company’s flagship product, Heli-FX, delivers a set of helical screws to anchor the endograft to the aorta to prevent endoleaks and graft migration.

Aptus printBrewLife was brought in to refresh the corporate identity, solidify the product brand positioning, and develop a creative campaign to highlight the product’s value proposition.

Our “Together ForEVAR” campaign debuted at the VEITH Symposium in November 2013 and was well received by physicians.

“Together ForEVAR” leverages a play on the classic phrase, “Together Forever” to highlight the long-term durability that Aptus EndoAnchors provide by locking the endograft to the aorta in EVAR (endovascular aneurysm repair). It also suggests the combination of forces coming together: EndoAnchors and physicians, EndoAnchors and endografts.

 The campaign rollout encompassed an integrated array of tactical components, including:

  • Website Development and Digital Promotions
  • Social Media Properties
  • Print Advertisement
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Print Marketing Collateral

We are happy to announce that our client Benvenue Medical has received FDA clearance for their Kiva® VCF Treatment System. This novel implant-based solution is the first new approach to treating vertebral compression fractures (VCF) in over a decade—in clinical studies the Kiva System was shown to meet or exceed the performance of balloon kyphoplasty (the current standard of care for VCF).

Robert_WeigleWe are excited to bring the Kiva System and its clinical benefits to the large and growing population of VCF patients in the US market,” said Robert K. Weigle, CEO of Benvenue Medical, Inc. “The VCF segment has little Level I clinical data, and we are proud to have sponsored one of the largest randomized studies in this space to date.”

BrewLife recently redesigned Benvenue’s corporate identity, including logo, developed brand positioning for Kiva, and is currently hard at work translating that positioning into creative executions for packaging, website, sales materials and more. Although today, we’re mainly just celebrating their 510(k) clearance.

Well done, Benvenue team!


Aptus presented two simultaneous challenges. The company wanted to upgrade the polish and professionalism of its corporate identity, and it wanted to develop a product positioning campaign for the company’s flagship EndoAnchor technology that would stand out in the endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) market, driving both physician and partner awareness.


BrewLife completely revamped Aptus’ brand identity, developing a new logo and redesigning the entire corporate collateral system. BrewLife also created an award-winning product positioning campaign that featured the theme line, “Together ForEVAR,” a provocative play on words based off the classic “Together Forever” mantra. The concept highlighted the long-term durability that endoanchors provide by locking the endograft to the aorta to prevent endoleaks or graft migration. The campaign also suggests the combination of forces (Aptus, physicians, endograft companies) coming together to improve EVAR. Attention-commanding trade show marketing materials – like wrapping elevator doors with the campaign creative – were accented by communications support pieces created by the BrewLife PR team.


The “Together ForEVAR” campaign helped drive physician interest in the technology. The company launched the campaign during the VEITHsymposium™ and included an actual Aspen tree at its booth. Booth traffic tripled from previous years and helped make Aptus a trending topic on the conference’s Twitter feed. Overall, the corporate rebrand and the product campaign helped support the company’s business development activities that ultimately resulted in the company being acquired by Medtronic.

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The next generation of PCs blends the mobility of tablets with the power and functionality of laptops, but HP did not have an online activation plan for their digital campaign. Assets for social media, analytics and integration were needed across multiple agencies.


HP’s newest PCs are the perfect solution for a sophisticated and capable demographic, as personified by the next generation of music, a blend of instrumental experimentation and digital mastery. In order to amplify its message, HP tasked W2O Group’s WCG agency to bring next generation marketing to life. By going onsite and generating content, we were also able to monitor the online conversation and pivot when we faced new challenges.

HP’s “2Days Beat” featuring Clams Casino was massive, and it was clear that our agency partners, along with a crack team of producers, had established something special. The approach of “build it and they will come” was boosted by two media activations: a promoted trend on Twitter and two-day masthead takeover of YouTube with live streaming content for five hours each day.


For two days, producer Clams Casino and hip-hop artist Vic Mensa took user cues and verbiage submitted via YouTube to develop a crowd-sourced song. Using live components, WCG teams created 189 pieces of content in two days, including: 44 custom images, 9 Instagram videos and photomosaics, and 6 Vines. Our efforts drove 20,000+ views with 228+ million paid and organic views on Twitter. There were over 12,000 clicks on Twitter links, 2x the normal Instagram engagement, 3x the normal Instagram comments, and the best day of engagement via Vine in HP’s history with the platform.


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