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We Have Some Awesome Upcoming Events in Austin. Are you Ready?

By Aaron Strout | Jan 31, 2017

For the last eight years, W2O Group has hosted a handful of invite-only events leading up to (and slightly overlapping with) SXSW Interactive. If you haven’t attended, this 100,000 person event hosted in Austin, TX has become a “must attend” for marketers, communication professionals, entrepreneurs and investors alike. While there is no shortage of panels, keynotes, networking events and concerts during what: […]

Is “G” Really For Google?

By Scott S. Kramer | Aug 24, 2015

Did Google Alphabet remember to google the letter “G” before they said, “G is for Google”?  We here at W2O Group are all about data mining and sometimes all that requires is the simplest of questions as well as the simplest of search tools. — Scott Kramer & Franco Galimberti

Save the Date for the PreCommerce Summit in London!

By Annalise Coady | Jul 27, 2015

The W2O Group PreCommerce Summit London 2015 on Monday 14 September in London’s City Hall will focus on how we live, work and create in the digital world, and the challenges of the generational digital divide. With technology at our fingertips, we are living in a time where having multiple online personas is normal; work, life and play meaning that we have never been more empowered: […]

More on Technology’s Role in Communications in 2015

By Lionel Menchaca | Jun 25, 2015

In my earlier post on the topic, I discussed using technology to stay connected to reporters. It’s pretty common these days for brands to make communications team members responsible for producing content on social properties and company blogs. If you are in a content production role, using some level of technology during the development process will result in more informed, relevant content overall. These days,: […]

Column from MedTech Strategist on Social Media by David Cassak

By Bob Pearson | Apr 28, 2015

I have always enjoyed reading what David Cassak, Editor-in-Chief of The MedTech Strategist, has to say about medical devices and innovation.  Recently, I participated in a column written by David that was published in the April 13th issue of The MedTech Strategist.  Enjoy, Bob The Column The argument that digital health proponents often make as to why they healthcare industry needs: […]

Millennials Unplugged: SXSW — What Matters to Us

By Bob Pearson | Mar 23, 2015

SXSW just ended in Austin, so we thought we would write this Millennials Unplugged post from the standpoint of “what matters to us”.  We’re not trying to create a better list of technology innovations.  We just talked this weekend about what we both care about. We also asked our W2O Millennial colleagues for their first-hand views, as well.   Here’s our: […]

A Review of PreCommerce & GeekFest for our friends worldwide

By Bob Pearson | Mar 18, 2015

We just completed an awesome series of events during SXSW in Austin.  We heard from leaders of key companies (Intel, Verizon), leading online companies (Twitter, Google),  leading thinkers (David Kirkpatrick/Techonomy, VJ Yoshi), leading innovators (Witricity) and leaders in media (Al Roker, Bloomberg). We created this content capsule with our friends at NextWorks so that we could share the presentations, blog: […] – What Marketers Need to Know About New Internet Domains

By Naimul Huq | Mar 17, 2015

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any more endless, ICANN, the non-profit dedicated to maintaining the namespaces of the internet, decided to release hundreds of new domain extensions known as GTLDs (generic top-level domains)  We currently have about 22 GTLDs.  These are the .com, .us, .biz, .net and other addresses you’re used to visiting.  Add to these the country level domains: .es for Spain, .it for Italy, for: […]

PreCommerce – Jessica Gioglio, Mason Nelder, Judith Williams

By Adam Cohen | Mar 12, 2015

Three of our speakers in the morning of the Precommerce Summit covered diverse topics, from the impact of visualization to understanding bias in the workplace.  In an era of “infobesity” how can brands stand out, and at the same time how can brand leaders build effective teams that can achieve high performance. Our three speakers shared perspective on how these: […]