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Physicians in the Social Oncology Landscape: Perspectives from Yousuf Zafar, MD

By Greg Matthews | Jun 06, 2016

With the cost of healthcare on the rise, it’s no surprise that players from across the health ecosystem are coming together to solve some of our biggest problems in terms of ensuring access to the right care at a reasonable price. That’s part of the work that Yousuf Zafar, MD has been focused on for the last several years. It’s: […]

Converged Media in the Social Oncology Landscape: Elaine Schattner, MD

By Greg Matthews | Jun 05, 2016

Over the last several years, we’ve had the opportunity to study several people in the online health ecosystem who play multiple stakeholder roles (e.g., Patient-Physician or Patient-Journalist). Today I’m featuring one of the rare people who actually plays 3 pivotal roles in the online health ecosystem – Elaine Schattner, MD. When she was practicing, Elaine was highly respected for her: […]

Path for ‘Cures’ Act Needs Patient, Physician Stories

By Gary Karr | Jul 30, 2015

Something unusual happened in Congress in early July — an overwhelming bipartisan approval for a health care bill. But despite the 344-77 vote for the 21st Century Cures Act, the increasingly vocal opposition from oft-quoted critics of pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies should be taken as a warning sign for advocates who want to see this measure become law. The: […]

PreCommerce – Greg Matthews, Maureen Carlson, DeDe DeStefano

By Steven Cutbirth | Mar 12, 2015

Greg Matthews (MDigitalLife), Maureen Carlson (GoodScout) & Dede Stefano (MDAnderson) hosted a panel during the #SXW2O Pre-Commerce Summit to announce the release of a new report, “Decoding The Cancer Center Constituent”, exploring the behavioral patterns of Cancer Centers constituents. “Good Scout Group and MDigital Life came together with a shared belief that data compels your smarter story. Whether it is the ammunition to: […]

But are doctors really on social media?

By Meredith Kiernan | Oct 13, 2014

This is a question that we healthcare communicators have been fielding from clients (and, frankly, discussing among ourselves) since the advent of social media as we try to engage with healthcare professionals. Some have maintained that physicians’ level of tech-savvy rivals the quality of their handwriting – not so great. Forced to be connected only by the mandate of electronic: […]

The new exam room: Mapping patient-physician interactions online

By Greg Matthews | Jan 08, 2014

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The most exciting innovation of the connected health era is … people talking to each other.” Susannah Fox from Peer-to-peer health care is a slow idea that will change the world on, August 3, 2013 The concept of the empowered patient isn’t a new one – in fact, that characterization: […]

Online Activation for Physicians – Subscribing to doctors blogs

By Greg Matthews | Jan 01, 2014

[Note: This post offers an exclusive opportunity for doctors to receive an “alpha” version of the Online Activation for Physicians eBook; read on for details] Face it:  Thinking that a re-tweeting of how much we want more doctors on Twitter by next year is just preaching to the social media choir.  After all, those on social media are already supporters. : […]

Upside-Down Analytics and the W2O Hospital Index

By Greg Matthews | Nov 04, 2013

Ever since we launched MDigitalLife at the Mayo Clinic last October (KevinMD Article; Slideshare Presentation), our team at the W2O Group has been going full blast to build out the software platform for creating Custom Search Engines. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, I think that I can get you up to speed pretty quickly with this mini-glossary:: […]

Why the evolution of Radiology includes social media

By Greg Matthews | Sep 22, 2013

We need to come out of the reading room – both literally and figuratively – to engage more proactively and meaningfully with referring physicians and patients. The fact is that patients will receive better care – and outcomes – with a more engaged radiologist. Roger Eng, MD – President-Elect of the California Radiological Society OK – Raise your hand if: […]