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How to Stay Afloat in Healthcare’s Choppy Waters

By Stephanie Koze | Aug 07, 2017

Recently, several colleagues and I had a chance to network, share best practices and brainstorm solutions to industry challenges with more than 50 of our agency peers, pharma clients and top-tier media at the 13th exl Public Relations and Communications Summit. The energy was high and the crowd was never at a loss for words or ideas, with discussion centering: […]

Meet Our New Twist Mktg President, Mary Corcoran

By Gary Grates | Aug 02, 2017

Our fearless leader, Jim Weiss, has always believed that great people doing great work are key reasons for the firm’s success. We’ve experienced exponential growth in the last year, and we’ll continue to strengthen our talent and capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. Today we announced the hiring of Mary Corcoran who will join the firm as President of Twist: […]

Increasing Online Impact in Hematology (Journal Article)

By Steven Cutbirth | Jul 31, 2017

At W2O, we work across therapeutic areas to help our clients understand healthcare providers (HCPs) perspectives on key topics by analyzing their social media posts. That work has enabled us to form special relationships with a number of leading HCPs, including key oncology & hematology influencers. As a result of this work we were invited to contribute to a journal: […]

The Growing Need for Insight-Driven Medical Communications

By Effie Baoutis | Jun 23, 2017

In a recently published report, the Academy of Medical Sciences surveyed 2,041 members of the public and 1,013 general practitioners regarding their attitude to medical research. Startlingly only 37% of the public said they would trust evidence from medical research while 65% said they would trust experience from family and friends. Even more surprising was that 82% of the general: […]

The New Face of Clinical Trial Recruitment: A Podcast Interview with Seeker Health

By Aaron Strout | Jun 15, 2017

One of the steps required by the FDA of biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies before launching or “commercializing” a new drug/device is to test the drug/device with a certain number of patients. As you can imagine, finding and recruiting the right patients into these clinical trials can be difficult, especially when it comes to rare diseases or uncommon disorders. In the past, companies leveraged: […]

The Social Oncology Project 2017

By Brian Reid | Jun 02, 2017

This is the fifth edition of The Social Oncology Project, our annual examination of the role that social media plays in the discussion of cancer. Past efforts have focused largely on the question of “what”: what topics capture the attention of the public? What kinds of cancers generate the most traffic from oncologists? What kind of connections characterize the online: […]

Marching for the Science that Impacts Our Every Day

By Kelly France Boothe, PhD | Apr 28, 2017

On April 20, hundreds of thousands of scientists and science-enthusiasts turned out around the country to march in celebration of science and to demonstrate support for science-based policies in our government. I proudly was one of those who marched. I left the lab over six years ago to become a communicator of science rather than a doer of science but: […]

Marketing Materials: 2017 Healthcare Holidays Calendar

By Corina Kellam | Apr 16, 2017

You’d be hard pressed to find a marketing and communications network with broader expertise in healthcare than W2O Group. And as a content strategist at W2O, I fully appreciate the regulatory challenges of healthcare marketing. It’s tough, and we get it. You often can’t mention the drug by name. Or the indication. So we have to figure out how to communicate: […]

5 Ways Communications Can Amp Your Participation in the March for Science

By Brian Reid | Apr 16, 2017

On April 22, scientists of all stripes will march in Washington, DC and at least 395 other cities in the United States and beyond to support “robustly funded and publicly communicated science.” Many of our W2O Group colleagues plan to take part, raising visibility and bringing attention to an extensive list of pro-science causes. Those participating are looking to generate: […]