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Panel Picks: Top SXSW Healthcare Panels

By Greg Matthews | Feb 17, 2017

There is nothing like the rush of SXSW in Austin, TX! Every year I am blown away by the innovation, collaboration and depth of talent that comes into town for this iconic festival. Based off this year’s SXSW Interactive schedule 2017 will be packed with incredible sessions surrounding everything from government, VR, sports, journalism, fashion […]

Research Collaboration Uncovers Biases in UK/US Physician Discussions on E-Cigarettes

By Yash Gad, Ph.D. | Feb 10, 2017

With the growing use of electronic cigarettes in global markets and age groups, public opinion on their use has ranged from acceptance as an alternative to other forms of smoking (and potentially as a smoking cessation aid) to growing concerns about long-term health effects, especially in teens. To cut through the noise it is vitally […]

JPM 17: Regardless of Policy, Healthcare Technology for a Value-Based World Will Win Out

By Jenny Laurello | Jan 11, 2017

They’re the questions on everyone’s mind. What is the fate of the Affordable Care Act? If “repeal and replace” becomes reality, what exactly does that replacement look like? And for those at the intersection of healthcare and technology, how will these policy changes that impact digital health investments in 2017 and beyond? At the 35th […]

Technology Needs to Advance Care: One Expert Weighs in on Health IT’s Mission

By Jenny Laurello | Jan 06, 2017

Every year, healthcare IT plays an even more prominent role at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. In fact, JPM-related conversations that fell under the digital health topic umbrella surpassed that of biotech on Twitter at last year’s event. As San Francisco prepares for its annual invasion of healthcare and biotech visionaries, W2O asked Senior Managing […]

Patient Experiences Are Important

By Emily Poe | Dec 12, 2016

The health care industry has been talking a lot about patient centricity lately, but no one is completely sure what it means. Is it enough to use language that is accessible at, say, a 4th-grade reading level?  Should our goal be to help patients have “better” conversations with their physicians? Is it about arming patient […]

My Fellowship at Brewlife: Dianique Ashley

By Dianique Ashley | Nov 08, 2016

W2O Group’s Future Leaders in Healthcare Fellowship, created in partnership with The LAGRANT Foundation, has given me the necessary exposure to know what it’s like to work within an agency. Different from my previous experiences, W2O Group taught me what it means to serve the client first. While internalizing this new knowledge, I have learned […]

US Chamber of Commerce Presentation – Keynote on Innovations in Healthcare

By Bob Pearson | Oct 19, 2016

On Tuesday, October 18th, I spoke to a group of healthcare leaders at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Health Forward Summit on “innovations in healthcare”.  Here is my view below and my slides. We have three key drivers of transformation change occurring simultaneously in healthcare, which I frame like this: The Information Genome – we […]

Diagnosing the Online Zika Outbreak

By Steven Cutbirth | Aug 05, 2016

The recent Zika infection of 14 people in a Florida community near Miami – the first case of U.S. transmission from local mosquitoes – has further raised fears that the U.S. will face a large domestic Zika outbreak. With increased news coverage on the domestically transmitted cases as well as the upcoming Olympic opening ceremonies on […]

The Future of Oncology and How the Ecosystem Will Evolve: Perspective from the Cancer Research Institute

By Jim Weiss | Jun 07, 2016

At this year’s ASCO meeting, thousands of abstracts were presented demonstrating both foundational and pioneering research that will no doubt advance our understanding of cancer.  However, we still don’t have a cure and there is more work to be done. Great scientists, companies and institutions are working every day to help discover new treatment approaches […]