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What 2 Know Podcast | Ep. 26 | Adam Klein, Winner of Survivor & Motivational Speaker

By Aaron Strout | Aug 17, 2017

If you were to pursue your wildest dream, what would it be? When you think of pursuing it, does it seem achievable? This week’s guest not only dreamt big, but also pursued and accomplished his ultimate dream. I had a great time chatting with the winner of Survivor (season 33), Adam Klein. Adam has an incredibly infectious personality, just by: […]

What 2 Know Podcast | Ep. 25 | ZZ Ward, Musician

By Aaron Strout | Aug 10, 2017

If you know me you know that I am huge fan of music. I could discuss a myriad of albums, across genres and decades for hours. Like many industries, the business of creating music has evolved due to social media. This week I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss how social media has evolved the music industry with: […]

What 2 Know Podcast | Ep. 24 | Mark Stouse, CEO, Proof

By Aaron Strout | Aug 03, 2017

Analytics powers everything we do as a firm. We recognize the necessity and value data brings for businesses to make informed decisions and draw the right conclusions. Mark Stouse, CEO of Proof, not only understands this, but has built an analytics solution tailored to support organizations in this capacity. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Mark and calling him: […]

What 2 Know Podcast | Ep. 23 | Jonathan H. Corr, CEO & President, Ellie Mae

By Aaron Strout | Jul 27, 2017

The rapid evolution of technology has changed just about every industry – from healthcare to communications, many business models have had to adapt. CEO and President of Ellie Mae, Jonathan H. Corr, has seen this play out in the mortgage industry as well. On this week’s episode of What2Know, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jonathan about how organizations: […]

What 2 Know Podcast | Ep. 22 | Joanne Pasternack, VP of Community Relations, Exec. Director, Warriors Community Foundation

By Aaron Strout | Jul 20, 2017

Corporate social responsibility has increasingly become a priority for many companies. It’s important to both consumers and employees to see the organizations they value, value the communities they occupy. This week’s guest of the What 2 Know podcast has dedicated her life’s work to this cause. Joanne Pasternack, VP of Community Relations and Executive Director of the Warriors Community Foundation, sits down with me to discuss: […]

What 2 Know Podcast | Ep. 21 | Stephanie Cathcart, Global Head of External Affairs, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

By Aaron Strout | Jul 13, 2017

B2B communications is as innovative, fun, and effective as B2C communications. This week’s guest has proven this time and time again throughout her career. Whether it’s crafting the right message or connecting the intended audience with a brand, Stephanie Cathcart, Global Head of External Affairs of Baker Hughes, a GE company, has mastered communications in the B2B space. On this: […]

What 2 Know Podcast | Ep. 20| Colonel William Reeder Jr., Author & Consultant

By Aaron Strout | Jul 05, 2017

Courageous, brave, selfless, and heroic are all words that are synonymous with this week’s guest of the What 2 Know podcast. During the 8th National Summit on Strategic Communications I had the pleasure of sitting down with author, consultant, and retired United States’ Army Colonel, William Reeder Jr. As a POW during the Vietnam War, Colonel Reeder faced incredible circumstances yet displayed: […]

What 2 Know Podcast | Ep. 19 | Tracy DiNunzio, Founder & CEO of Tradesy

By Aaron Strout | Jun 29, 2017

Disrupting the tech world is no easy feat. Understanding your product, deciding where it fits in the market, and having the right connections all play a vital role in ensuring the success of your brand. This week’s guest of What 2 Know understands this journey implicitly. Thanks to previous guest of the podcast, Jesse Draper, I had the pleasure of sitting down: […]

What 2 Know Podcast | Ep. 18 | Brad Parscale, Digital Director of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Campaign

By Aaron Strout | Jun 21, 2017

It is no secret that our firm loves analytics. Data is at the center of everything we do because we recognize that it is essential to creating results that matter for our clients. This week’s guest of the What 2 Know podcast agrees with this sentiment whole-heartedly. I had the opportunity to speak with Brad Parscale, Digital Director of the: […]