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Blockchain: How Much Can It Impact Business and Government?

By Lionel Menchaca | Jul 06, 2017

Technology continues to move business forward. Businesses tend to adopt new technologies when they provide tangible productivity or efficiency gains. Many times, businesses adopt new technology to stay ahead of their competitors. But that adoption can take years, or even decades for companies to implement. Blockchain is one of those early-stage technologies with massive potential to impact commerce. I bet: […]

SXSW 2018 PanelPicker Opens June 26-July 21

By Lionel Menchaca | Jun 26, 2017

Hard to believe, but it’s already that time of year again. The 2018 SXSW PanelPicker goes live today. You have between now and July 21st to submit ideas for consideration. This year, the SXSW folks expect to receive over 5,000 submissions. That kind of competition means brands and individuals need to stand out from the crowd. But how best to: […]

Uber and Lyft’s Return: Its Impact to Fare, Fasten and RideAustin

By Lionel Menchaca | Jun 08, 2017

About a year ago, Uber and Lyft abruptly left Austin after disagreements with the city’s requirement for fingerprinting drivers. Things changed when House Bill 100 was signed into law on May 17. Fast forward to May 29, when both Uber and Lyft returned their services to Austin. Their respective marketing machines are making it clear they’re back. I’ve seen signs: […]

A Memo to the Fortune 1000 – Nestle is Reinventing How to Scale Innovation

By Bob Pearson | Feb 27, 2017

I am fortunate to meet with corporate leaders who aspire to innovate within their companies nearly every day of the week. Every now and then, you realize you are seeing something truly special occurring. Nestle is providing us with one of those examples. Before I describe more on Nestle, here is the problem we all have that they are addressing.: […]

Panel Picks: Top SXSW Tech Panels

By Alexandra Vaughn | Feb 17, 2017

SXSW is a unique time in Austin, TX. Since 1987 this annual festival has scaled in both size and the array of industries represented. Whether you are invested in music, film, comedy, healthcare or tech, SX provides a space for innovation, disruption and networking that is largely unmatched. Here at W2O Group we take part in the festivities in our: […]

The Importance of Science – My Visit to CERN

By Bob Pearson | Feb 08, 2017

When we see science in its raw state, it is mind boggling and inspiring. The researchers who dedicate their lives to science make our world a better place. Whether they are creating new medicines or devices or they are figuring out the fundamental laws of nature, they are advancing our ability to navigate and prosper on this spherical mass (technically: […]

A New Algorithm: Understanding the Difference Between Momentum, Movements & Mishegoss

By Bob Pearson | Jan 25, 2017

We are witnessing a new style of media with the ascendancy of President Trump.  The simple way to describe his style of media is to say that he chooses to speak direct to the world via Twitter.  That’s true, but it sells short what is actually happening. President Trump and his team understand the value of driving a narrative to: […]

JPM 17: Regardless of Policy, Healthcare Technology for a Value-Based World Will Win Out

By Jenny Laurello | Jan 11, 2017

They’re the questions on everyone’s mind. What is the fate of the Affordable Care Act? If “repeal and replace” becomes reality, what exactly does that replacement look like? And for those at the intersection of healthcare and technology, how will these policy changes that impact digital health investments in 2017 and beyond? At the 35th J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, W2O: […]

Technology Needs to Advance Care: One Expert Weighs in on Health IT’s Mission

By Jenny Laurello | Jan 06, 2017

Every year, healthcare IT plays an even more prominent role at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. In fact, JPM-related conversations that fell under the digital health topic umbrella surpassed that of biotech on Twitter at last year’s event. As San Francisco prepares for its annual invasion of healthcare and biotech visionaries, W2O asked Senior Managing Director of Health Investments at: […]