One of the more ironic shifts in terms of organizational behavior is the increasing use of new tools, techniques, and channels by CEOs looking to breakthrough inside their organizations and connect with employees. However, these “solutions” are often more complicated than they need to be. CEOs are more inclined to gain much needed employee buy-in, attention, and trust not via technology, but through tried-and-true efforts such as authenticity, openness, being provocative, and being consistent in discussing the business and the workforce in relevant ways.

This was reinforced at a McKinsey Forum earlier this year featuring more than 75 CEOs and Board chairs discussing the impact of technology on the CEO position.

While technology aids in frequency and connectivity by providing various platforms and channels to convey information, gather facts, and engage in discussion, CEOs must possess a clear agenda, a set of priorities, a narrative, and a purpose behind their actions in order to be heard and believed by their workforce.

I guess the moral of the story is that, in the end, content and context remain king.