05.29.13 By Aaron Strout

The Power of Storytizing

Video and Making the Emotional Connection with your Customers


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In our president, Bob Pearson’s, book, Pre-Commerce, he highlights the fact that 65% of customers consider themselves visual learners (I am one of them). This doesn’t mean that we don’t learn through text or by listening but that one of the more effective ways to reach us is through images and videos. Unfortunately, a lot of content that brands (and agencies) put online are still text heavy. Or if they have images, they are the wrong ones. And then there is the 30 second spots that we post on Youtube.

This is an image capsule we are using on O’Dwyer’s in place of a traditional ad unit.

Rather than bitch about the problem, I’m a big believer in offering up solutions. To that end, at W2O Group we’ve found that a variety of formats can be effective in helping companies better connect with their customers and engage/teach them in new ways. I’ve highlighted three of these content types below with links to other examples in the text.

The Content Capsule

One of the biggest issues with delivering content (or ads) to prospects and customers is that in spite of being visual learners, many of us have learned to tune out advertising or advertorial content. We also don’t love to be taken off the site/article/social network we’re on to follow the trail of a brand’s message unless we have a high level of certainty that the content will be worth our while.

While many brands have learned the art of the microsite to ensure a well-bundled, consistent experience, what if you could bring that microsite up a level and present that in a paid media unit, or in an e-mail, a website, Facebook or your blog? In the content capsule below, you’ll notice that we helped our BMC Software client package up a combination of Forrester reports, instructional videos, client testimonials and even a couple of infographics in one easy-to-update, easy-to-measure, easy-to-share package.

The Image Capsule

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than an image with multiple embedded links/Easter eggs has to be worth at least ten times that, right? That might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but back to the earlier point about not taking prospects and customers off the site they are visiting and giving them the ability to watch an educational video, walk through a Slideshare deck or connect with you on one (or many) of your social networks — all in one place — can come in handy.

Below we have an image capsule we created for one of our analytics leaders, Chuck Hemann, around the recent book he and co-author, Ken Burbary, published on Digital Marketing Analytics.

Hint: hover over the image to see the hot points.


The Good Old Fashioned Video

This is an example of a video that we did at our SXSW customer party this year called the Geek-a-cue. We’re not selling anything in the video, although you’ll notice that we are highlighting some of our customers as well as some of our employees with the subtle goal of demonstrating that W2O Group is a fun place to work, and we hire fun people to work with. While online video has been around for a while, it’s still a powerful way to tell a story.

Are you using enough visual content to engage with your customers? If not, maybe it’s time to start catering to that “65%.”

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