Did you know 87% of employees globally are not engaged according to a recent Gallup poll? Additionally only 14% of employees understand their employer’s business strategy. Clearly there is a disconnect between organizations and their employees that needs to be addressed.

Connecting with today’s workforce – one that is distracted, skeptical, curious, motivated, informed – is a key challenge for any organization and its leadership. It all begins with comprehending the pervasive impact of digital on organizational behavior as customers and employees take control of the relationship with brands and companies.

On November 15, W2O Group and a select group of industry leaders from automotive, healthcare, energy, financial services, consumer, consulting, manufacturing, and technology will spend a day learning, sharing, and exploring the latest trends, insights, and approaches in organizational communications/change.

The environment is designed to be open-ended with a series of discussions, learning moments, innovation “bytes”, and fresh analysis facilitated by attendees themselves, allowing participants to shape the outcome they want.

In addition, W2O will unveil fresh research on employee behaviors in a digital world focusing on preferences for channels, content, timing, and origin.

Among the questions to be addressed by this group of seasoned communicators include:

  • How would you describe your workforce?
  • What are their concerns? Dreams? Ideas? 
  • What is their worldview in today’s digital era?
  • What is your company’s strategic intent?
  • How would you characterize your value in driving your company’s future by creating an engaged, confident workforce capable to deliver on the company’s goals?
  • How are you measuring progress?

Great organizations are able to inform and inspire their people encouraging discussion, dialogue, and debate to enhance understanding and drive individual and enterprise purpose.

Bringing people together who live and breathe organizational communications and effectiveness to explore these topics in detail can illuminate insights on behavior and attitude in today’s complex business environment.


For more information on the Summit please contact Ally Masi at amasi@w2ogroup.com