This year will mark my tenth year of blogging. What started as an online journal to share personal stories and photos of my children quickly, and surprisingly, evolved into a powerful platform for education.

After my youngest child was diagnosed with multiple, life threatening food allergies, I began sharing how we managed the food allergy journey and the epic lifestyle changes it required.

I’m honored to help others with our experiences and serve as an advocate for causes I believe in, some of which have inspired media coverage and real changes in my community.

Recently I led a webinar for WEGO Health during their Health Activist Awards Week. WEGO Health brings together patient advocates to connect with each other and empower them to share their experiences. During the webinar, I shared some inspirational stories of how blogging can make a difference and 10 content ideas to help inspire writers.

The session, Strength in Words: Finding Your Blogspiration, was recorded for future viewing – feel free to watch or share with health bloggers in your network.