It is no secret that our firm loves analytics. Data is at the center of everything we do because we recognize that it is essential to creating results that matter for our clients. This week’s guest of the What 2 Know podcast agrees with this sentiment whole-heartedly. I had the opportunity to speak with Brad Parscale, Digital Director of the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign and president of the digital agency, Giles-Parscale.

This is not the first-time data and social media have been used in the political arena. As the first social media President, Former President Barack Obama leveraged digital marketing during and social media during his 2012 campaign. Additionally, former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton implemented the social campaign #ImWithHer, as well as, placing a heavy focus on a digital strategy. Marketing and politics are closely linked together and the more access we are granted via social media it is likely data will continue to inform political strategies.

I recognize the risk of ‘guilt by association’ when interviewing someone that played a critical role in electing the current POTUS. The aim of this interview was not political, rather it was to pick the brain of a brilliant, analytical mind who used social media to obtain a result in a revolutionary way. I was inspired by a NPR profile done on Brad late last year. It was interesting, informative, and most importantly it was responsible. That was my goal for this discussion and to the best of my abilities I created a space where we could speak candidly, responsibly, and openly – regardless of our difference in politics.

Throughout our conversation we discussed the role data played in the most recent election, the notion that we are living during the time of the social targeting revolution, and the role data will play in shaping the future of marketing. Plus, we discussed why Steve Jobs has been so influential in Brad’s life and why he’d prefer classical music on a desert island. Take a listen below.

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