In order to innovate, we must navigate our relationship with personal data responsibly. Currently marketers, communicators, and consumers have more access to information than ever before, which can make this process complicated. On this week’s episode of What 2 Know  I had the pleasure of digging into this sentiment deeper with author, CEO & Co-Founder of NewCo, John Battelle.

Our firm has had the pleasure of working with John in the past. 2 years ago he moderated a discussion with Hugh Forrest (another guest of the podcast) during our PreCommerce Summit at SXSW.  John has a brilliant and forward-thinking mind when it comes to personal data and how marketers and consumers can better leverage those analytics in a way that is truly beneficial for the user. We discussed the next big trends in tech, companies who might be in jeopardy in this age of rapid access to information, as well as Radiohead. Take a listen below.

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