Every year, the world’s largest gathering of cancer specialists including oncology professionals, patient advocates, industry representatives, and major media outlets worldwide, come to Chicago for the annual ASCO Meeting.

This year, ahead of the meeting, we had our in-house experts share their perspective on some of the most prevalent discussions in oncology. From payment models to social media campaigns to clinical trial recruitment, we unpacked key insights and trends. Take a read below.

Alternative Payment Models, Shrinking Reimbursements and Continued Innovation

Across healthcare today, the struggle for providers and health systems remains focused on providing the highest quality of care at the most effective cost.

Community Oncology: Finding a Regimen that Works for our Patients

Dive into the importance of finding the regimen that works best for oncology patients.

Clinical Trial Recruitment in the Age of Personalized Medicine

Discover how to navigate clinical trial recruitment in the age of personalized medicine.

How-To Create a Successful Social Media Campaign for Oncology Patients

How can you successfully reach oncology patients on social media? A recent campaign promoting Celgene’s Magic Tree App offers up key tactics.

[Podcast]: Top 2019 ASCO Themes

From early stage biotech data to learning from every patient, we discuss the major themes from ASCO 2019.

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