2020 Election Scorecard:

COVID-19 Eclipses the 2020 Election

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee after Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race Wednesday. Following Sanders’ exit, Biden unveiled a policy proposal to allow people to enroll in Medicare starting at age 60, noting that the expanded eligibility would “help people find more secure footing in the long term once we have emerged from this crisis.”

Sanders’ announcement came the day after the Wisconsin primaries. While 16 states have delayed their primaries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled that the election move forward. Results are not expected until April 13.

Wisconsin’s primary launched concerns about how the pandemic will impact the presidential election in November. While Trump vocally has opposed holding voting via mail, Biden has said all-mail voting is “worth looking at.” Campaigning has also shifted, with the President including re-election messaging in his daily COVID press briefings while Biden is leveraging digital platforms, including hosting a Family Town Hall and a coronavirus expert on his YouTube channel.

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The policy areas include:

Medicaid block grants – Allows states to request a fixed amount of federal matching funds, creating a finite
Medicaid budget, instead of the standard budget tied to the number of a state’s Medicaid beneficiaries

Reference pricing – Benchmarks US drug prices to drug pricing in other economically comparable countries

Drug importation – Allows wholesalers to import drugs from other countries, usually Canada, and sell them to
the U.S. population

Price caps – Places regulations on drug prices/costs, including upper limits on drug prices, insulin pricing, patient out of pocket costs, etc.

Out-of-pocket caps – Limits what patients pay out of pocket (OOP) for medicines to a fixed amount on an
annual or monthly basis

Medicare negotiation – Enables the federal government to directly negotiate drug prices with manufacturers on behalf of beneficiaries

Candidate Medicaid Block Grants Reference Pricing Drug Importation Pricing Caps OOP Caps Medicare Negotiation
Joe Biden Opposes Supports Supports Supports N/A Supports
Donald Trump Supports Supports Supports Supports Supports Supports
Group Medicaid Block Grants Reference Pricing Drug Importation Pricing Caps OOP Caps Medicare Negotiation
American Hospital Association Opposes Opposes Supports Supports Supports Supports
American Medical Association Opposes Opposes Supports N/A N/A Opposes
Biotechnology Innovation Organization N/A Opposes Opposes Opposes Supports Opposes
Pharmaceutical Care Management Association N/A Opposes N/A N/A Opposes N/A
Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America Opposes Opposes Opposes Opposes N/A Opposes

Note: N/A means the organization has not
taken an official public position to date.