2022: The Year of “Impact” for Business, Leadership, Employees

A Real Chemistry Point-Of-View

Are You Ready for a Year of Amazing Achievement or Incredible Disappointment? Who Will You Impress?

Right now, everywhere you turn, management teams, boards of directors, employees, investors, consumers – in fact, all stakeholders in our industry – are talking about 2022.

More specifically, 2022 as the year of Impact.

From improving health care outcomes, patient journeys and customer experiences to providing more employee choice in work formats, career development and professional growth, organizations are fixated on moving the needle from maintenance to making a difference. As communications and marketing professionals, we are seeing the rules being set and the lines being drawn.

So, the question is, “Are we listening?”

Let’s explore the year ahead and begin making plans to take advantage of an opportunity to redefine health, relevance, quality and confidence and thereby generate results that impact people. Starting with a pent-up need to explore, interact and integrate with society again, people are ready for new experiences and different paradigms. No more warmed-over programs, products, services or promises.

Impact 2022 is about all things new. It’s about truly making an imprint on someone.

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Gary Grates
Gary Grates

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