I attended my First TEDMED last week and wow, what a right brain moment. One speaker to the next captivated me at every angle. What a way to look at health and medicine in terms of what is possible, less about the challenges and roadblocks that bombard us every day.

Some key takeaways and learnings from the event included:

  1. We are moving from engineering to imagineering and we are going to be focused less on how to perfect a technology and more so how to systematize technology for populations, possibly for the masses.
  2. Cancer is not something you get, it is something that you grow per David Agus, M.D.  Keeping the body in optimal health is worth the investment every day.
  3. The hypothesis that maybe the vicious cycle of diabetes is actually reversed raising the question: Is it possible that we have an insulin resistance epidemic that is causing obesity and not the other way around?
  4. Data, analytics and mobile technology can dramatically improve how people can proactively embrace their own health and healthcare and will allow for connecting of the dots, provider to provider, provider to patient and beyond.
  5. If all influential leaders “walked the walk” on population health like Mick Corbett, the mayor of Oklahoma city, we could all do what he did and go from one of the Fattest Cities in America to one of the Fittest Cities in America… this one literally took a village and a great leader.
  6. Physicians need to take a bold approach via new channels to increase disease awareness and get people to take action like ZDoggMD does by rapping on a music video.
  7. Lastly, everyone was rushing to get a Smartphone bodyscan looking at their ear drums, retinas and Carotid arteries… pretty awesome and doesn’t seem so far off for all of us!

TEDMED brought out the 2nd grade scientist in me… when science was first introduced and we developed our very first hypothesis and worked to figure out how to test it. This is the core of science that even bench scientists sometimes have a hard time holding on to in this fast-paced, high pressure world where we are all racing to find answers and find them fast.

If TEDMED is supposed to inspire us to look at science in new and different ways and help push our minds into what is possible… job well done!