When it comes to defining brand outside the creative community there are several misconceptions. Some say it’s a logo or a color, maybe even a slogan, but those definitions are incomplete and incorrect. According to Matt Dong, Group Creative Director at W2O, “Brand isn’t a logo, it’s not a color, it’s not any of that stuff, it’s really an experience…a perception of a company.” 

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Matt is a brilliant creative, who’s incredibly passionate about his craft, it’s truly a pleasure to call him my colleague. I was able to sit down with Matt the day of W2O’s participation in SF Design Week’s Studio Crawl, sponsored by AIGIA. For this event our team was tasked to create a concept that spoke to who we are as a firm, that showcased our adaptability, agility, and dynamic-nature. Enter a fluid state of mind.

Matt and I discussed many things during our conversation including our W2O rebrand (which Matt played an instrumental role in), why creative needs strategy, UFO, and his days as a DJ. Take a listen to our chat below (Oh, and check out a pic of Matt, very on brand, in his UFO band tee).

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