Across healthcare today, the struggle for providers and health systems remains focused on providing the highest quality of care at the most effective cost. This struggle is even more real in oncology – where it feels like we have a rising wave of innovation across all aspects of care while also experiencing what feels like downward pressure in the form of alternative payment models and changing reimbursement rates.

Our leading institutions and providers are facing times of great progress – having at their disposal more groundbreaking innovations than ever before to deliver highly individualized therapy for cancer patients. But at the same time facing times of great economic chaos and change in trying to move toward value-based and alternative payment models while maintaining the financial “health” of their practices and institutions. A constant tug of war behind the scenes, and some days in the headlines, all while patients and their families grapple with trying to understand, manage, and fight their greatest battle –cancer.

Every day across W2O, our teams work in every part of the healthcare ecosystem, using our analytical power, industry experience and integrated, channel-agnostic marketing and communication skills to help clients understand and balance the benefit of their innovation with the economic realities and risks within and around our healthcare system. We understand that most days our clients are caught in the middle of this tug of war – and working to navigate both sides – while doing their best to serve the needs of patients. Some of this will be explored in one of the key seminars this week.

The theme for this year’s ASCO meeting is “caring for every patient, learning from every patient” – our hope for the meeting is that the latest innovations and leading clinicians have their moment to shine, teach and learn, while we all continue to work together to make sure the investments in innovations generate the value that we anticipate – for the short- and the long-term for patients and for the system.

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