Angela Gillespie

Chief Operating Officer


Angela is a boomerang to W2Owcg having previously run its San Francisco office and West Coast Healthcare Practice for several years. She rejoined the firm in 2016 after a five-year hiatus where she worked in-house as a Vice President of Marketing and Market Development for several leading large-cap and start-up healthcare companies.

Angela has more than 20 years of experience in strategic healthcare marketing communications creating market-changing programs for more than 100 of the industry’s top healthcare innovators. She is an expert at translating complex clinical and technical information in a meaningful way that drives audience engagement and elicits a desired response. Her experience cuts across the entire healthcare ecosystem and includes focused expertise in: creative brand strategy, direct to consumer engagement, product lifecycle management and developing new and disruptive digital tools that drive measurable results. Angela has extensive experience across acute and chronic disease categories and has developed winning business solutions that uniquely drive market growth for the companies she has worked for and with.

Angela completed her Master’s degree in Communication Management with an emphasis in Strategic Marketing from the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California and received her Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from the University of Alabama. A prolific public speaker, Angela holds a DSR-TKA individual forensic national championship title for informative speaking from her years at UA.

Angela is more than just a well-rounded and distinguished professional, she is passionate about everything she does – both in and out of the office. In 2010, Angela married her passion for science with her culinary interests, taking a year-long sabbatical to attend the Le Cordon Bleu School in San Francisco to become a pastry chef – the true bridge of art and science in one! Pairing great wine with great desserts is another of Angela’s area of expertise. Since 2005, she and her husband Brian have been growing grapes in their vineyard in the Uco Valley of Argentina and producing and importing their own high-end Malbec wine, under the name “La Pareja,” to the U.S. market. In her remaining spare time, Angela enjoys relearning to play the piano, listening to records and having spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen; relaxing with Brian and watching their two boys, Logan and Evan, learn and grow.

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