At W2O analytics powers everything we do, it informs every piece of strategy from ideation to execution. It’s the driving force that allows us to help our clients build unfair advantage — in short, we’re data geeks and we’re proud of it.

We’ve decided to host a one-day event surrounding our love of analytics with our inaugural Marketing Science Summit on Oct 4th in NYC. You’ll hear from pioneers in the market research, social analytics and digital marketing fields on the latest trends in marketing science, with a focus on the healthcare and tech industries.

Below you’ll see a high-level overview of what we have in store. If you’re in the NYC area, we would love to see you there.

Join us for our inaugural Marketing Science Summit


Keynote: Three Big Myths about Emotion, Health and Brains

Lisa Feldman Barrett, neuroscientist, psychologist, author and TED Speaker, will discuss three myths about the brain that tech companies and marketers are particularly susceptible to, including implications for AI/ML to detect feelings and emotions in humans.

Panel: Data Lakes: Why Companies Need to Own Their Data

On this panel, Joerg Corsten (Roche), Jeet Uppal (BMS) and our own Laura Mucha will dive into why first-party data is increasingly important to organizations, how to ensure that data lakes are being built for actionability and how privacy, particularly how GDPR and the CCPA impact how we collect and store useful audience data.

Fireside Chat: The Ethics of Data Collection and Usage

This discussion between Sandra Matz and Greg Durkin will focus on new psychological profiling techniques that marketers can use today, why these techniques work better than many of the behavioral targeting techniques that marketers use, and the ethical issues surrounding psychological profiling and and micro-targeting.

Debate: Can Data Really Inspire Creative Strategy?

In ad agencies, analytics teams and research is often used to understand the marketplace and measure campaign success—but can they really be used to inspire creative campaigns in the first place? Two chief creative officers – Paulo Simas of W2O and Helayne Spivak, formerly of Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness will discuss whether data can ever be inspirational and how they use data-driven insights to create the “big idea”.

Fireside Chat: Robust Analytics Powering Influencer Engagement

This discussion will focus on best practices for identifying, ranking and engaging influencers. During this fireside chat, SVP of Citi, Karen Curry and W2O CMO, Aaron Strout ,will also talk about Citi’s influencer program, what’s worked and where she is focused today.

Fireside Chat: Attribution Modeling in a Multi-Device World

In a post-GDPR, post user-ID world, cross-channel attribution is an increasingly complex issue to solve. David Hardtke of Pandora and Bob Pearson, Senior Advisor of W2O, will discuss best approaches today and how we can prepare for a time when we can’t make direct connections between an individuals’ devices and their engagement with brand content.

Panel: Employing a Data-Driven Approach to Maximize Marketing Investment

As marketers, we are constantly being asked to do more with less — whether it comes to paid media campaigns, email marketing or creating world-class websites — so how do we maximize our return on investment? Visa’s Jessica Williams and W2O’s Adam Cossman and Chuck Hemann, and share proven strategies and illustrative case studies focused on employing data-driven approaches to maximize return to your marketing investment.

Lightning Talks: Living Case Studies: Translating Insights into Actions

Hear from three leaders in healthcare analytics on strategies they use to mobilize their teams to use data and insights in a scalable way. Julissa Viana (Celgene), Mary Michael (Otsuka) and Kieran Fagan (Aetna), will share studies on how data and analytics have made substantial impact on healthcare marketing and communications initiatives will be.

Fireside Chat: The Use of Alternative Data for Market Research

As marketing analytics vendors consolidate under a small number of platforms, (e.g., Adobe, Salesforce, etc.), there is relatively little differentiation between the methods and technologies what the Fortune 100 companies use to identify and target audiences and measure campaign performance. George Gallate, former CMO of Merkle, and I will discuss how marketers are starting to look to “alternative data” that has been a mainstay in investment communities, such as geolocation data, satellite data, and credit card data, to gain audience novel audience insights use analytics for a competitive marketing advantage.