Pharma Phuture is Now: How to Safely and Effectively Tap into 
the Awesome Power of Digital Marketing

The recent Cambridge Analytica/Facebook crisis and expansive GDPR regulations are sending shock waves throughout the ad industry—particularly within pharma, where personal health information is especially sensitive, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. What do pharma brand marketers need to know, and what steps should be taken to ensure safety while still benefitting from the powerful …

Award-Winning Work from W2O

The traditional boundaries between PR and marketing are dissolving thanks to digital technology, and W2O Group is on the forefront of that transformation! But don’t take our word for it: W2O recently won 13 AVA Digital Awards, which recognize excellence by creative pros in all aspects of digital communication. Our clients and their customers expect …

Get Your Health Clients on .Health While It’s Hot!

Every website is identified and accessed by its own Internet Protocol or IP address, which used to be just a string of seemingly random numbers such as / You can thank “Uniform Resource Locators” or URLs for a more intuitive and human way to access websites, in this case: “Top Level Domains” (TLDs) are …

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