Welcome to Texas – Two Londoners in Austin and What We Learned

“It’s not about ‘best practices’ – it’s about ‘next practices’ “ as learned my new colleague Annalise Coady and I, when we excitedly touched down at the W2O Media and Engagement Summit in Austin. We knew we worked with some forward-thinking people, but the depth and breadth of experience (along with general awesomeness) blew us …

Biosimilars- Complex Molecule Complex Future

With $63 billion in global biologics sales going off patent by 2016, opportunities are out there for Big Pharma to gain fresh revenues in an extremely lucrative market.  Genentech/Roche’s blockbuster monoclonal antibody rituximab, for example, loses patent protection in February 2012, and there are already 6 biosimilars hot on its heels, in a race featuring …

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