We live in a world where Basel and Boston, Geneva and Fort Worth, and Zurich and New York City are partnering every day to create new medical treatments, consumer products, technology solutions and services.

Our world isn’t an office-based world. It’s a network-based world.

That’s why we’re opening up a Basel, Switzerland, office. Basel is the heart of the BioValley, which houses more than 900 life science companies and two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. An impressive number of Forbes 2000 companies are located in Switzerland, all of which work across time zones each and every day to meet the needs of their customers.

An increasing number of our clients call Switzerland home – some as their worldwide headquarters and others as their regional center. We have decided to do the same and call Basel our newest home. The network of our clients drives the network we build for W2O Group.

We are pleased to announce that Jeroen Aarden has joined us from Novartis AG to open up our Basel office and build our team there. Jeroen has more than 20 years of digital innovation and online communications expertise. Plus, he’s an expert in business intelligence.

“It was not an easy decision to leave Novartis, where I played a pivotal role in its digital transformation,” said Jeroen. “But in joining W2O Group, I  can now help drive these same types of digital transformations for companies around the world. W2O’s capabilities in analytics, together with its fantastic group of people who offer other critical communications services to clients, positions it as a prime player in this complex but critical and exciting time of change.”

With our new presence in Basel, our 40+ member team in London is thrilled to expand its reach in Europe, as are our teams throughout the U.S. In particular, Colin Foster and Eric Shenfield of Twist Mktg, and I are jazzed to have an office in Basel as all of us have previously lived and worked in that city.

W2O Group looks forward to becoming a productive member of the Swiss business community and reconnecting with many friends we’ve made over the years. More to come soon.