Don’t you love online games? Industry reports claim that 70% of online consumers play games and enter contests. High consumer interest, great response rates and qualified leads are just some of the reasons brands like to incorporate online contests in their marketing mix. The resulting highly engaged consumer tends to translate to a loyal life-long consumer. So, without a doubt a positive, and fun brand experience like a sweepstakes conducted using social media can be a driving force.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind for a Facebook sweepstakes:

1. Finalize your objectives – if you want to acquire Fans, think of requiring fanning and limiting entries to one per Fan.

2. Decide your giveaways – these don’t have to be particularly fancy.

3. Design your rules keeping in mind guidelines from Facebook – have Facebook approve all assets.

4. Design an attractive landing tab – include any must-read disclaimers upfront and a link to the full set of rules. Transparency is everything. Also keep in mind user behavior and make your sweeps experience easy, breezy, beautiful.

5. Add ‘Share buttons’ to your creative for easy pass along – and while you are getting people into the sweeps, you can even ask them if they want to opt-in for other communications.

6. Run everything through your standard approval channels – include any legal and fulfillment teams.

7. Market your sweeps – run Facebook media, post status updates, send out an email and advertise in your own channels. Cross promote and cross promote some more!

8. Test everything, cross your fingers and launch! Be prepared to respond to fans who have technical difficulties or questions.

9. Actually publish winners and results when you said you would. Stay credible and become incredible:-)

10. Learn from what you just did and inform future sweeps – ask for feedback from internal teams as well as your Fans. Fans love to be heard!

Bottom-line, make your sweepstakes fun, easy to participate in, and highly share-able and watch your fans reciprocate the brand love.

Watch out for my next post on best practices when crafting a social media campaign!