Full article published in PRNews Aug 5, 2013 issue

Companies have always been good at leveraging and monetizing the moment of transaction. The only problem is that “the sale” represents less than 1% of the time we spend online in our entire lives. Roughly 99% of our online time is spent learning, sharing, educating and deciding what we will do or buy next. The core skills of the communicator have never been more critical, provided that we deploy these skills and knowledge in new ways.

We call the 99% “PreCommerce,” a concept at the center of digital transformation for leaders in the Fortune 1000. Those who understand how to shape behavior, share content to catalyze storytelling and become a relevant member of their customers’ communities will win big. Those who continue to “talk at” customers will become dinosaurs.

During the last eight years, I’ve had the pleasure to meet, teach and develop strategy with thousands of leaders from hundreds of companies and organizations.

When I step back and look at what successful leaders are doing to transform their organizations, I end up with 10 key lessons that apply to the CCO as much as the CMO.

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