W2O Group president, my long-time colleague, former boss and mentor and now nearly life-long friend Bob Pearson was just inducted into PR News’ “PR People Hall of Fame” for “making communications matter in the marketplace” and “[setting] benchmarks of excellence in public relations.”

And there’s more.  He’s set new fashion trends in Hawaiian shirts and cowboy boots, lit up and riveted conference rooms with only a black marker at white boards all over the globe, logged more miles and left more voice mails than most business people will in 5 lifetimes and helped make Pre-Commerce and MEME household words and phrases.

His mindset (and W2O Group’s mantra) of never being satisfied with the status quo has driven and inspired many, including me, over the years.  While he’s broken new ground and gone against the grain, he never does it just for the sake of it.  It’s always practical and it always serves the business.

Whether being a master of the technology, healthcare and big brand businesses we serve or a Master of Ceremonies, Bob is unflappable.  He’s a thought leader who generously mentors others to lead, achieve, build and unlock.

He’s been an integral part of our industry for a long time but he started young.  People who get these awards usually get them when their career are sunsetting but sometimes it feels like Bob is just getting started.  And why not?

18766_260384295835_3586514_nThere are so many questions to answer, problems to solve, people to teach and learn from and new and innovative products and services to pioneer.  Though often ahead of their time, it seldom fails that the rest of us catch up and adopt the forward thinking ideas that Bob seemingly endlessly comes up with.

He keeps things interesting, challenging and never boring.  His perfectly matched wife, two amazing daughters and little white dog you can’t imagine him walking can attest to that.

Congratulations, Bob! This recognition is well deserved and I’m honored and grateful to be counted among your many admirers, followers and friends.  Here’s to What’s Next.