Everyone says they want to build a customer-centric brand, but are they actually taking the steps? From customer service to crisis communications, every touchpoint you have with your current and potential customers is paramount and speaks volumes to whether or not you’re really putting their needs at the forefront of your business. Pete Blackshaw, Head of Digital Innovation & Service Models at Nestle, dives into this deeper on this week’s episode.

Pete kicked off our #W2OSXSW programming this past March by discussing Concierge Marketing: Customer Experience 3.0. During this panel, he outlined how marketers should react in today’s digital economy where consumers are proactively reaching out to brands more than ever before. During our chat, we extend this conversation and unpack how brands can truly be customer-centric. Plus, you won’t believe Pete’s connection to avocado farming and Pulp Fiction. Take a listen below.

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