Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions is a cloud-based inventory management system that connects data analytics and smart tools to improve and streamline workflow and operational performance within a hospital or health system’s supply chain. Part of Cardinal Health’s business solutions offerings, Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions boasts a 97%+ customer retention rate.

In 2016, looking to expand its market penetration in the cath lab, a department that typically manages a large amount of high value inventory, the Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions team was charged with raising awareness and triggering lead progression among cath lab managers and hospital supply chain leaders, who are in charge of purchasing and tracking supplies within the cath lab. In order to generate interest in the system among these audiences, the Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions marketing team decided to extend a one-year, no-charge trial to several hundred key accounts.


W2O Group synthesized client-provided personas and market research, and developed strategic positioning, messaging and creative concepts for the Cardinal Health Inventory Solutions product. The positioning platform was centered around the brand promise of “Operational Clarity”.

In canvasing the competitive landscape, we realized all similar inventory management tools spoke to consumers primarily on the functional level. We developed a creative campaign entitled “See What You’ve Been Missing” that communicated our brand promise of “operational clarity” through an emotional lens. Our target audiences were most interested in cutting time spent on inventory management – a demonstrated day to day pain point from market research - and instead spend their time where it counts - helping patients. With this emotional messaging, our creative team came up with a plethora of direct mail ideas centered around the idea of sight/vision.

Once the strategy was completed, the client felt the best way to engage with this audience was through a “surround sound” approach. W2O was already assisting Cardinal Health with trade advertising and other marketing efforts, supplementing the client’s own efforts with digital marketing and trade shows. We decided to try more purposefully to reach prospective customers at their desks, via an eye-catching and relevant direct mailer.


Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions’ ultimate goal was to control 25% of cath lab volume by the end of 2017.

The direct mail was received well--capturing attention at key accounts and driving response to the associated landing page.

of providers who try our solutions keep it

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Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions’ ultimate goal was to control 25% of cath lab volume by the end of 2017
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