Cedar, an emerging player in the patient billing and revenue cycle space, came to W2O for support in repositioning and rebranding the company. More specifically, Cedar was looking to differentiate from established competitors' value proposition and drive awareness in the market. In just three months, Cedar needed to refresh its’ brand, amplify organizational momentum and drive maximum awareness with key buyers.


With Cedar, we were laser-focused on getting the right message to the right audience at the right time. To do so, we worked with Cedar to reimagine their positioning, narrative and supporting proof points. We then pulled that new essence through to their rebranding as evidenced through both a visual and messaging evolution on their website that spoke to their mission and differentiation as a digital health company. From there, we built a strong earned media program grounded in data and hard news, and elevated the profile of their key executive with the creation of a simple, yet unique thought leadership platform. Finally, all marketing and communications efforts culminated in two key prospecting endeavors at an industry conference – both an exclusive dinner involving a notable industry influencer, as well as a half-day Cedar-owned summit within the conference that tied back to the value they could offer healthcare provider organizations that were looking to tailor and optimize the patient payment and billing experience.


In just the first three months, we were able to launch refreshed branding and positioning, as well as a newly designed website. W2O also spearheaded the creation of key pieces of content that Cedar leveraged as part of their critical lead gen strategy – including case studies and sales sheets. In addition, we built a strong news and executive thought leadership pipeline that resulted in secured speaking slots at top industry conferences, as well as interviews and coverage with publications such as Bloomberg and Modern Healthcare. We also worked hand-in-hand with Cedar to create an intimate dinner for more than 20 key prospects. All efforts then culminated in the Cedar Summit which was well attended by nearly 70 prospects and customers.

New prospects engaged in 3 months


"W2O felt like a natural extension to our own team. They efficiently worked right alongside us at a critical time for our company. The team provided sage strategy and flawless execution which is helping us drive forward with our growth goals."

Florian Otto, co-founder and CEO, Cedar

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