Championing Health Equity for All: Cynthia Carey-Grant, Oakland Co-Chair, AIDS 2020 Conference

Health equity is at the forefront of the COVID-19 conversation. Cynthia Carey-Grant, Oakland Co-Chair for the AIDS 2020 Conference joins the show to discuss health disparities within marginalized communities. She also shares the parallels between HIV and the coronavirus and highlights what she’s looking forward to during this year’s virtual conference.

To be transparent, as we discussed health inequities in marginalized communities, I noticed my privilege as a straight, white man in some of my questions and responses. I appreciate Cynthia for being so direct and candid in her responses. Her willingness to engage and share the truth made me listen, reflect, and learn. I hope the same happens for you, and I’m grateful for her patience.

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Aaron Strout
Aaron Strout

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